Tuesday, 29 November 2011


The #Copyright Industry – A Century Of Deceit - http://bit.ly/rs8MBa it's got a bit of a track record here...

Eric #Whitacre's top 10 headphone albums - http://bit.ly/u0FJLL for Eric fans

UK secretly helping Canada push its oil sands project - http://bit.ly/vncRDU "greenest gov", Dave? I don't think #betrayal

New xkcd items and Christmas delivery - http://bit.ly/tGVm6M solve 2 probs at once: supporting #xkcd and buying prezzies

Secret Whitehall statistics to be published for the first time - http://bit.ly/uATyIK more on uk's #opendata moves (v @glynwintle)

Web Search By The People, For The People: YaCy 1.0 - http://bit.ly/v8b1OI peer-to-peer Free Software search engine

In #India, 40% of search and 67% of e-commerce is #mobile, says Google - http://tnw.co/v8RWA4 it's the future

UK Gets Ball Rolling On Digital Copyright Exchange - http://bit.ly/rNsTkM interesting, but I'm sceptical it will ever happen

Opensource edible landscapes: The Todmorden story - http://bit.ly/rYqwq3 hopeful stuff

Panasonic To Start Selling #Android Phones In Europe (And Possibly The US) - http://tcrn.ch/vGdclo and another one

Patent Scandal of Laws Made Behind Closed Doors - http://bit.ly/sCxsKW #swpats on their way... #eu #epo #acta

Nov. 28, 1660: Hey, Guys, Let’s Found Britain’s Foremost Scientific Academy - http://bit.ly/tGwhpz so what went wrong?

Concerns about #Taser use in police force under scrutiny over recent death - http://bit.ly/u0TNDN getting worse

Let The Bible Go Free! - http://bit.ly/toVKk5 and not only... #copyright

Coming To Plates In Europe: Patented Vegetables, Produced By Conventional Breeding - http://bit.ly/uA3NSp #EPO at its worst

The OpenCorporates principles: What we do and how we do it - http://bit.ly/uK3Ly6 good stuff - kudos (v @anheem)#opendata

Ex-RIAA Boss Ignores All Criticisim Of #SOPA/PIPA - http://bit.ly/rMDecJ says: "think analogue" - the problem in a nutshell #abundance

Just Because New Artist Platforms Aren't Minting Millionaires Doesn't Mean These Platforms Have Failed - http://bit.ly/sOL6y7 important

Elvis #Costello to fans: my label is gouging you on my new box set; don't buy it. download by "unconventional means" – http://bit.ly/tMqAvF

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