Thursday, 17 November 2011


#SOPA/PROTECT IP Would Be Hideously Bad For Video Gamers - I'm not a gamer, but this looks really bad

The end of YouTube & much else - #sopa - the worst US Net law ever. urgent: please sign petition and RT

#Mozilla fights against #SOPA - it nows it is likely to be targeted (v @nitot)#censorship

Stop US online Censorship before #ACTA brings it to Europe! - LQDN's analysis of how we will all be affected by #sopa

RT @mmasnick Hilarious. AFL-CIO to mock @techdirt in today's House Hearings on #sopa for pointing out firefighters aren't (c) experts

An Explosion of Opposition to the Internet Blacklist Bill - good summary from #EFF (v @jmcest)#SOPA

Help Fight Against Extrajudicial Suppression of UK Domain Names - more bad stuff: pl. write to #nominet

#SOPA Will Have Grave Effects On The Health Of Hundreds Of Thousands Of Americans - bad in so many ways

Climate change episode of Frozen Planet won't be shown in U.S. as viewers don't believe in global warming - pathetic

Hackers, ACLU, Consumer Rights Groups, Human Rights Groups, Many More All Come Out Against #SOPA - impressive range

MT @johnrobb In 5 years, #ows won't be possible. As soon as you assemble sw will detect + drones w/non-lethals will order dispersal >>eeek

House Judiciary Committee Denies That Its #SOPA Hearing Is Stacked - "no one representing public is ultimate travesty"

Internet giants place full-page anti-#SOPA ad in NYT - no #Apple, #Microsoft, #IBM or #Oracle: they don't care

After German Law Annulled, Pirates in Europarl Through At Least 2019 - excellent

What exactly is HMRC paying Capgemini billions for? - how do they get away with this? #uk

#SOPA: All Your Internets Belong to US - fab headline, horrible truth

Q: How Will Plutocrats Dominate a World? A: Bots - plausible & frightening

Data Protection Directive revamp: UK looking sidelined? - probably good #privacy

Million Lawbreaking Parents - great piece about a stupid law

Goodbye #Tibet? - a sad tale #china

#Samsung modified and relaunched Galaxy Tab 10.1 in Germany, may steer clear of design right infringement - interesting

RT @normative This is basically witchcraft now. "If we kill the Internet, the Gods will make piracy go away, & our crops will grow!" #SOPA

RT @StopActaNow @alexanderfowler MPAA rep tells Rep Lofgren #Mozilla and #Firefox should be regulated like drunk driving. #SOPA >>huh?

MT @mmasnick Disappointed with Google's argument that the killing of Wikileaks is a good example of how to deal with rogue websites.>>#fail

UK Government calls for public data app developers - cool (v @NeelieKroesEU)#opendata

RT @mmasnick Wow.@mpaa cheers on censorship in other countries, saying "it doesn't break the internet in those other countries" #sopa

MT @mmasnick @EFFLive: Google: If we are forced to block Russian and Chinese websites under #SOPA, they will retaliate & block ours.

MT @mmasnick O'Leary from @mpaa wants law to force Google to adjust its algorithm. That's just what we want. Gov't managing Google's algos.

RT @mmasnick Rep. Poe "stealin' is stealin' and we have to deal with that" #sopa >>oh, come on, Mr Sophisticated Analysis

RT @SinkDeep follow the money approach? like… tracking who pays politicians for lie? I LIKE THAT! #sopa >>my thoughts exactly

RT @StopActaNow SCORE! this REP just quote a chunk of early #ACTA version "aids, albeits, encourage…blah blah blah" #sopa #lobbytomy

#RIAA Wants To Shutter Torrent Sites, And More - Russia’s VKontakte & Odnoklassniki too: Vlad will love that

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