Sunday, 6 November 2011


What eight years of writing the Bad Science column have taught me - good summary of the field

50 Companies Team to Create Open Source EV - and so it spreads #openhardware

What happens to ownership as the world goes digital? - nice to see others asking this question #abundance

Phorm Still Looking For A Large-Scale Deployment, Still Finding Investors - remember #phorm? still there #privacy

Open Course Library Launches 1st 42 Courses - nice, let's hope others follow #cc #oer #education

One-way traffic for UK-US #extraditions - update on O'Dwyer case

Anonymous und Guy Fawkes: Grinsemaske ohne Botschaft - fascinating how #guyfawkes has gone global: who'd have guessed?

The #Smartphone Wars: Signs and Portents - "now they’re going to have to fight harder for increased share"

Google mulls divorcing Chamber of Commerce - "mulls"? just do it #eparasite

Is Open Source Innovative? - good piece from a few days ago #innovation #opensource

#Citizendium turns five, but the #Wikipedia fork is dead in the water - an important experiment...that failed

The time of the music industry auteur is over, Pete Townshend - cogent & well written (v @mathewi @MediaReDEF)

Too Controversial: Pirate Party Banned From Gaming Exhibition - gains lots of free advertising as a result

The Ally From Hell - thorough piece on Pakistan's nuclear weapons; thoroughly depressing (v @Eaterofsun)

La cultura del #manga, amenazada por el #TPPA - & yet #japan is thinking of joining?

Semantic Web Applications and Tools for Life Sciences Hackathon - beyond #openaccess - london, december

The problem with #Anonymous - timely thoughts on the people behind that mask #guyfawkes #ows

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