Monday, 28 November 2011


The Rise and Fall of #Bitcoin - good retelling of fascinating saga

My 10 years of blogging: Reflections, Lessons & Some Stats Too - @om on a decade of writing; worth reading

Personalized Medicine - "why return of ‘omic’ results to research participants is a good idea and a moral imperative"

More news from our Martian Invaders - once again, Charlie Stross connects the dots #ows

Foundations Considered Useful - good stuff from @mmilinkov#opensource #eclipse

#India's new #GM crops bill is a gross example of corruption - a disaster in the making

Alan Moore – meet the man behind the protest mask - timely interview with a fascinating bloke #v

BitTorrent Defense Lawyer Joins #Copyright #Trolls - <insert cynical comment here>

Millions using #YouTube Editor to enhance videos after posting - liberating more creativity

First inkjet-printed #graphene computer circuit is transparent, flexible - new kinds of shiny

Fresh wave of killings by hunters takes Indonesian #orangutan to the brink of extinction - the curse of #palmoil again

With friends like the DMCA, who needs SOPA? - good point: just because #SOPA is awful doesn't make #DMCA good

#Textmining: My years negotiating with Elsevier - important post; shameful state of affairs #openaccess

The #freemona Perfect Storm: Dissent and the Networked Public Sphere - important story, well told (v @jeffjarvis)

#Copyright is Unconstitutional - not quite sure what this "constitution" thing is, but sounds an interesting idea

MT @BiellaColeman @sepiamutiny: India's #biometric ID probs; laborers often lack fingerprints b/c of excessive work

The Russian Internet (Runet) Becomes More Opaque - #RIAA, #MPAA will love this (v @evgenymorozov)#russia

The Reply Given in Arkell v. Pressdram - truly wunnerful #privateeye

Now #China to probe U.S. renewable energy support - superpower annoyed with pesky Muricans...

UK Houses of Parliament police: no political material allowed in Parliament - riiiight

What Really Happened to Strauss-Kahn? - wow, this does look intriguing, to say the least... (v @declanm)

#SOPA will lead to Internet lawlessness - "plays fast & loose with important notions of due process. (v @ipjustice)

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