Friday, 4 November 2011


#India Wants #UN Body To Run The Internet: Would That Be Such A Bad Thing? - comments seem sceptical

Piracy problems? US #copyright industries show terrific health - whoops

Jawbone Launches the Up: Will This $99 Wristband Rule Your Life? - the first of many, I'm sure

truly iconic pic of #RMS - this will become a classic (v @ralpost)

#TRIPS Council: Anti-Counterfeiting Trade Pact Raises Eyebrows - as well it might... #acta

IBM Open-Sources Potential "Internet of Things" Protocol - potentially v big

Jean-Baptiste #Lully: Thematic Catalogue on #Spotify - Louis de Rouvroy, duc de Saint-Simon, would have loved this

G20 - People in, corporate sponsors out - tone deaf or what? #avaaz

It’s Time to Stop Talking About Copyright - "Every modern copyright policy becomes Internet policy"; great analysis

UK Patent Case Lowers Bar on Utility (Industrial Application) - because we really need to make it easier to get patents

#Wikipedia opens #India office to promote regional participation - wise move

Academic Publishing Profits Enough To Fund Open Access To Every Research Article In Every Field - so let's do it... #oa

Newzbin2: BT Have Started To Censor Us - but nearly everyone is using the workaround #copyright #censorship

New Visa Credit Card Comes With Its Own LCD - touchscreens next?

Dipping Into theUK Government's Open Source Procurement Toolkit - surprisingly good #openstandards

Future Of Music Coalition Says It Cannot Support E-PARASITE/SOPA In Good Conscience - a voice of sanity

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