Wednesday, 23 November 2011


[RT] Kroes: #Copyright Is 'A Tool To Punish And Withhold'; New Business Models, Not More Enforcement Needed –

Benjamin #Britten: Complete Chronological Catalogue - just in time for his and #stcecilia's birthday #spotify

How #SOPA would affect you: FAQ - useful summary

Logiciels libres: un décret illégal? - more daftness from #Quebec #opensource

Interview with a Pirate who uses #freesw - i.e.@teirdes - more like her needed in European Parliament

UK Publishers Moan About Content Mining's Possible Problems; Dismiss Other Countries' Actual Experience - #openaccess

#Penguin Group USA to No Longer Allow Library Lending of New #Ebook Titles - thus guaranteeing piracy will increase

#Mexico's Largest University to Post Online Nearly All Publications and Course Materials - pretty big move #oer

RT @fleming77 This is the webpage to the open access Mexican University >>lots of good stuff #opencontent #oer

'The UC Davis Policeman's Actions Are a Huge Gift to the Chinese Government' - just like #sopa

Making 2012 plans: #mozilla + web makers - useful update on next's year work

LibreOffice Magazine Brasil busca colaboradores - impressive: #brazil even has an online mag about #libreoffice

Pentagon’s War on Drugs Goes Mercenary - perfect way to give waste huge amounts achieving nothing

3D-printed UAV - wow, this is truly the future #3dprinting #surveillance

Chinese central bank to replace IMF in Ukraine - how many more straws in the wind do people need? #china

Retail and food industry improving #palmoil sourcing, says WWF - why is #germany doing so badly here?

Congress considers anti-piracy bills that could cripple Internet industries - huge number of good links #sopa

South Korean MP lets off teargas in parliament - tries to stop ratification of FTA with US; fails, alas...

Why Does The Government Fear Free Speech? - this cartoon should be pinned in every politician's office

whoa, this isn't something you see often: (v @cascio @Chrysaora @ethanz)#UCDavis

Canadian Anti-Counterfeiting Group Calls For Graduated Response, More Restrictive Digital Lock Rules - for a change

The #RIAA Was For Freedom Of Speech Before It Was Against It - ironic much?

South Korean Bookstore Chain Launches Qualcomm E-Reader - #android based #ebooks

Data Roaming: Dear Former State Monopolies, - "Commission wants retail price cap of 900 euro per GB"; cost: under €1

China’s secret slave camps - "#China is hiding a secret network of more than 1,000 slave labour prison camps"

site devoted to Laogai—China’s extensive system of forced-labor prison camps - (v @teawithcarl)

Why The Supreme Court's 'Grokster' Decision Led To More, Not Less, #P2P Filesharing - & lots of #opensource

EPUB 3: Building a standard on unstable ground - "What advantages/challenges will EPUB 3 bring to publishing table?"

The Definitive Post On Why #SOPA And Protect IP Are Bad, Bad Ideas - probably is too: good stuff

#US pushing UN to lift ban on #cluster bombs, say campaigners - truly disgusting

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