Saturday, 5 November 2011


RT @ChinesePod Will Chinese be the lingua franca of space? - now there's a thought #space #chinese

#Tenenbaum Demands Rehearing of $675,000 #RIAA File-Sharing Case - well, you have to admire his indomitability

The Summum Bonum (Highest Good) of Social Capitalism - "What else does a man need?"

N. Korea “on the cusp” of digital revolution: report shows mobile ownership surging - the next dictatorship to fall?

Openwave Soars On Patent Licensing Deal With Microsoft - MS pays again

Why Is the State Department Using Our Money to Pimp for #Monsanto? - probably a rhetorical question

ACTRA Rep Says #Mashups "Morally Wrong" - I hear #jazz is evil too...

The Cruelest Show on Earth - what a disgusting industry: shame on all those involved with this abuse #circuses

#UK Government domains update - "I put them in a database and added some meta-data about them": good work

Leave Richard Stallman alone - nice, wise piece from @jackschofield(v @ralpost)#rms

Music industry demands BT block Pirate Bay - escalation was inevitable after Newzbin decision: where will it end?

important US gov. consultations: on #openaccess - & #opendata - big opportunity (v @petersuber)

The UK regulator, the police and the IFPI – is it out of line? - "public money to pursue a private enforcement matter"

Developments in Cultural Data - "Theatricalia is a database of theatre performances" & other good #openknowledge

Patently Absurd - Copyright Law Can Meet the Needs of Software Developers - good non-technical explanation of problems

British student fights extradition to US over TVShack link site - absurd case; shameful on both sides of Atlantic

UK Gov reduces e-petitions to public spleen-venting exercise - they're only the electorate, after all...

Pirate Bay blocking and Newzbin - what precedent? - good point: there's a key difference here
Why The Internet Has Been Awesome For Both Musical Artists and Fans - good to see this nonsense debunked #fogies

Class War, the Oligarch’s conspiracy, and Occupy movement - telling it as it is

Global Village Construction Set: Towards a DIY civilization - for our own sakes, let's hope this prospers #openecology

The Internet is amazing - a quick reminder for any curmudgeons still reading

Drones and US Internal Security - "They make oppression much easier". great post; frightening...

Fight The Power: Chuck D Sues Universal Music For Hundreds Of Millions In Unpaid Royalties - excellent petard hoisting

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