Wednesday, 9 November 2011


Dmitri #Shostakovich: Complete Chronological Catalogue - one of my favourite composers #spotify

Top cops placed under Freedom of Info law - great news: applies to #ACPO too #foia

New 5 Billion Page Web Index with Page Rank Now Available for Free from Common Crawl Foundation - nice data set

#midata: revolution or enigma? - excellent post on some thorny problems (v @tim)#privacy

UK #charity registration a milestone in the recognition of the #Wikimedia movement - rather important

Demystifying the Chinese Hacking Industry: Earning 6 Million a Night - a glimpse of another world #china

COMMUNIA policy paper on the proposed EU #orphan works directive - finds it wanting (& it is) #copyright

William Lane Craig and the problem of #pain - "even though your dog or cat may be in pain, it really isn’t aware of it"

#Amazon's HTML5 Kindle Cloud Reader Web App Comes to #Firefox - but not to Internet Explorer...

#Mozilla #Firefox Adds #Twitter Search and New Features that Make Web Browsing Easier - sounds useful

Why PROTECT IP/SOPA Is The Exact Wrong Approach To Dealing With Infringement Online - yup #piracy

Rep. Steve King Decides American Consumers Should Pay For Chinese IP Violations - truly bonkers

Designing for the phase change: Local communities and shared infrastructure - good summary of great analysis

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