Wednesday, 2 November 2011


Good News, Bad News: #ACTA, #TPP And Lessons Not Learned - but mostly bad

Jean-Philippe #Rameau: Thematic Catalogue - I do love a bit of French baroque in the morning... #spotify

Letter to foreign secretary on cyberspace - nicely put; he won't listen, tho' #LondonCyber (v @onewmphoto @cfarivar)

#Samsung wants iPhone 4S source code, #Apple carrier agreements in Australian lawsuit - the silliness continues

Why I stand up for Stallman - nicely done

Palestine Can Now Join the International Criminal Court - raises v interesting point about war crimes

Police Now Ignoring Crime Because Gas is Too Expensive - a headline from the future quotidian...

What you need to know about flywheels - wow, steampunk tech exists #energy

Google Reader Backlash: 10,000 Users Sign Petition to Save Old Version - I fear I may be signing this

Pirate Berlin - fascinating, detailed analysis of the political background #germany #politics

Why is our consumption falling? - intriguing, if true #economics #environment

KEI notes from the Ninth Round of #TPPA negotiations - no #transparency, but US has cheek to complain about leaks

The Eatery by Massive Health - by ex-firefoxer: ironic app only available for quintessentially closed iPhone...

Open Hardware - new site and free journal devoted to, er, #openhardware

Open Data, Italy has awoken - useful background to important move #opendata

MPAA Helped Police Seize 'Pirated' DVDs That Were Actually Fully Authorized - more news from the future

Report Reveals Toxic Ingredients in Baby Shampoo, Johnson & Johnson Goes Public with Plans to Clean Up - classy

Should sw be patentable? That's the wrong question to ask - usual nonsense: hardware shouldn't be patentable either...

From creator of Second Life, yet another P2P commerce play: Coffee and Power - Rosedale's ideas always worth a look

Guilty Verdict: Record-Breaking Swedish File-Sharing Case - "You could really see the entitlement in prosecutor’s eyes"

Mayo v. Prometheus: the Patentee’s Section 101 Argument - really appalling stuff

Facebook's Swedish data centre will be subject to Snoop Law - you have been warned #sweden #surveillance

White House: don't blame us for software patents - very droll: spot the weasel words

European Parliament releases “nonexistent” coordinators’ minutes on #ACTA - found down the back of a sofa, presumably

People Should Listen to Computer Programmers about Software Patents - excellent point #swpats

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