Tuesday, 22 November 2011


Do Lawyers Ignore #Copyright Law? - http://bit.ly/s8EaB4 nice piece picking up on one of my #techdirt posts #opensource

China’s Appetite for Wood Takes a Heavy Toll on Forests - http://bit.ly/tIfTTN #china + some western cos bears a heavy responsibility here

First Pirate MEP: We expect party to grow - http://bit.ly/sXOPuu interview with Christian Engström #eu

The Twilight of #Copyright? - http://onforb.es/usnWcm great to see this meme spreading #intellectualmonopolies

Edward #Elgar: Complete Works With Opus Number - http://bit.ly/sp0VmL wonderful music for the end of an era - ours #spotify

What does it cost to buy the Internet? - http://bit.ly/veRvoD sadly, not much, as we know to our cost #deact #hadopi #sopa

Scroll Essential #Tablet PC - http://bit.ly/uX5bot £70 #android tab. no idea if it's any good, but I do know more tabs will cost this & less

MT @MariaDamanakiEU EU proposes to forbid, no exemptions, #sharkfinning in EU waters & by EU fishermen across world's oceans bit.ly/etbLuO

The New Government of Canada Open Data License: The OGL by another name - http://bit.ly/tZn9gK getting better #opendata

Rich New Yorkers buy plain black vans with plush interiors - http://bit.ly/sEnmQR this is the future: hidden opulence

Open Source Nurtures Innovation - http://bit.ly/uh3w3S important stuff; I'll be writing on theme shortly #openinnovation

Case for a Treaty on Exceptions & Limitations for Libraries and Archives - http://bit.ly/sNtQyk #brazil leading the way (v @beabusaniche)

EU Parliament Massively Commits to Net Neutrality and Open Internet - http://bit.ly/rWME6X from last week, but important #netneutrality

Bureau Recommends: ‘Vulture Fund’ sues #Congo for $100m over $3m debt - http://bit.ly/uXPp1j the 1% strike again

#AU labels feeling the music pirating pain (but not the artists) - http://bit.ly/tUyzaw v important point (v @4b5 @MylesPeterson)

Of Open Data Startups and Open Businesses - http://bit.ly/saTfXo a peek into the future #SFScon11 #opendata #openinnovation

Random Hacks of Kindness - http://bit.ly/t0C8pP #london, Dec 3/4: Hacks Financial Illiteracy & Financial Exclusion! (v @coolnik07)

GoDaddy Takes Down Entire Site Of Copyright Attorney/Photographer Over Bogus #DMCA Claim - http://bit.ly/vQw3SJ more of this with #sopa

Bradley #Manning, suspected source for #WikiLeaks, will go on trial Dec. 16 in Maryland - http://bit.ly/u2r3fE outrageous taken this long

Swedish political party pledges War On Wolves - http://bit.ly/uBKuX0 amazing how medieval some people are

Lançamento da lei do #ODF do Rio de Janeiro acontece hoje - http://bit.ly/tFmg7L more goods moves from #brazil

UC Davis Pepper Spray Cop Is Now a Meme - http://gaw.kr/sFkB0S an appalling act transmogrified

The unexpected reader - http://bit.ly/uH5szs "openness is rapidly becoming default, because awareness of benefits is spreading so widely"

How the Internet Evolves to Overcome #Censorship - http://ti.me/t2EIkj well, that remains to be seen #sopa

Money - http://bit.ly/sAvhIm staggering in all senses: if you look at this too long, you will fall in and never get out #xkcd

How Other Parts Of The World View #SOPA - http://bit.ly/utUs1U you can probably guess

BSA Changes Its Mind On #SOPA: Unintended Consequences Too Big - http://bit.ly/sgJtZw whoa, quite a U-turn...

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