Tuesday, 13 December 2011


Cambridge Digital Library - http://bit.ly/uChfh3 #Newton's paper first, lots of other good stuff to come #digitisation

Why Networked Resilient Communities won't need #China - http://bit.ly/w07Rhf good point #resilience

Death of a simile - http://bit.ly/rO4UQF truly the end of an era #language #culture

Why Spotify can never be profitable: The secret demands of record labels - http://bit.ly/rL8le8 staggering abuse of power; maybe illegal?

#Copyright Regime vs. Civil Liberties - bit.ly/v7KLK1 choose any one

The Week In Data - http://bit.ly/vhFTmc more good stuff in world of #opendata and #visualisations

pic of the week: Tower Bridge at Dawn - http://bit.ly/tEwWbi a peaceful start to the week #london #pix

RT @NeelieKroesEU Practising what we preach: Commission's own data will be available free, open, easily , single portal, from 1st half 2012

EU Digital Agenda: Turning government data into gold - http://bit.ly/rwIoZ7 #EU #opendata policy: looks hopeful at first glance...

The London Nobody Sings ... - http://bit.ly/suPzD5 176 songs about #London; splendid stuff (v @rupertg)

A China já tem seu próprio PS Vita, e ele roda #Android - http://bit.ly/t6WXiJ this portable game console looks strangely familiar...

Rick Perry Thinks “Solynda” Is a Country (Really) - http://bit.ly/ue8p1Z huh?

#HADOPI Wants To Research File Downloads: Shouldn't It Have Done That First? - http://bit.ly/rq5WJf who needs evidence?

Megaupload to Sue Universal, Joins Fight Against #SOPA - http://bit.ly/swKeLE striking back

Open Data: Europe Starts to Get It - http://bit.ly/uLZhNa #EU promises on #opendata look good, but more details needed

Police to test 'anti-riot' laser that can temporarily blind - http://bbc.in/vDtxMU what could possibly go wrong? (v @doctorow @Scunner666)

Congressional Investigations Into Dajaz1.com Censorship Begin - http://bit.ly/rPqNg4 good to see #sopa

One in five parents use gadgets as in-home intercom with kids - http://bit.ly/uVoQgZ well, of course: you'd be daft not to...

Overbroad Censorship & Users - http://bit.ly/s7Ygeu good post by Twitter's general counsel on why #SOPA is a v blunt instrument (v @WLLegal)

#MPAA Boss Chris Dodd Then & Now Concerning Google #Censorship In China - http://bit.ly/vint90 well, look at that

New Open Source Laser Cutter Hits Market - http://onforb.es/vQABYd nice

Congressional Research Service Shows Hollywood Is Thriving - http://bit.ly/uQqRGN fab; "So why do we need massive legal changes again?"

#Wikipedia Mulls Total Blackout to Oppose #SOPA - http://bit.ly/uGDuLL but how will students do their homework...?

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