Tuesday, 27 December 2011


#Mozilla releases Learning, Freedom & the Web (e)book - http://bit.ly/rWaXpw free, of course: cc by-sa

#Oracle v. #Google - A Last Minute Present to Google from the USPTO - http://bit.ly/uZdqxn see? it can be done; so do it more often #patents

Kanji of the Year: the tie that binds - http://bit.ly/shCAkc long, wide-ranging post #linguistics #japanese

The year in big data and data science - http://oreil.ly/sMOVY7 a summary in case you blinked #opendata #hadoop

Photos of an Empty London on Christmas Morning - http://bit.ly/sl0bZK fab and eerie #london #pix

#GoDaddy's domain registration after #SOPA: behind the numbers - http://bit.ly/vOlgOz useful context

Skrillex: Happy Holidays! Pirate My Music, I’ll Still Love You - http://bit.ly/vRRYgL someone else who gets it #businessmodels

The State of Online Courseware With The UK's Open University - http://rww.to/umX1lM pugnacious piece; unflattering about MIT OCW #ou

#Brazil: Murder or Suicide of Controversial Blogger? - http://bit.ly/v7ZqVH certainly warrants further investigation (v @asteris)

Dutch Parliament: Downloading Movies and Music Will Stay Legal - http://bit.ly/rY4A8r but only for the moment: not over yet #nl

Tencent vs. Sina: The Fight for #China’s Social Graph - http://tcrn.ch/u92f5s never mind about boring #facebook, this is the big battle...

#Android Approved By Pentagon For #DoD Usage, Major Setback For #iPhone - http://bit.ly/uVijNl the killer advantage? #opensource, of course

#Africa's burgeoning middle class brings hope to a continent - http://bit.ly/tUcJha "world's fastest-growing mobile phone market" #android?

For shame! Microsoft’s continued support of the PROTECT IP Act is disgraceful - http://tnw.co/tAC5dy & it's not alone...

#Android Is Finally Coming Back to #Linux Kernel - http://bit.ly/uEU4qt about time, too

The Looming Library Lending Battle - http://bit.ly/tvirO3 </sigh> seems publishers are as clueless as recording industry #ebooks

Now #GoDaddy Has To Contend With ByeDaddy - http://tcrn.ch/vywk2w interesting tool: could have wider repurcussions

Sea Shepherd uses drone to hunt #whalers - http://bit.ly/tJgz4u #drones will be an absolute game-changer, especially in domestic use...

Downhill extreme: Rollerman overtaking motocycle! - http://bit.ly/ttVH3M this bloke is a complete nutter

100 people arrested in Chitral, protest rallies against timber mafia - http://bit.ly/tVw5lA depressing, so common it has a name

Lieberman wants #Taliban blocked on #Twitter - http://bit.ly/sCRgD2 because Net censorship works so well

Time to end the war on drugs - http://bit.ly/uounAT kudos to Richard Branson for this call (v @leashless)#portugal

Infringing Download Without Further Infringement Only Supports Lost License Fee--Real View v. 20-20 - http://bit.ly/szQ4MX signs of hope

New Wikipedia Layer on Geoloqi Gives You Vision Beyond the Greek Gods - http://rww.to/suJc68 "It is a robot that gently taps my shoulder"

Mozilla's Boot to Gecko Mobile OS Concept: One to Watch in 2012 - http://bit.ly/tZ59Z6 let's hope; linux-based stack

Reclamação contra concursos públicos ilegais - http://bit.ly/smG3kR nice move by Portuguese free software association #pt

JXD S7100 #Android Gaming Tablet/Handset Boasts Galaxy S II Specs 4 $140 - http://bit.ly/vlrOsZ this is the future (but at half this price)

What exactly is a consultant? - http://bit.ly/vHXAQN ha!

This is what a 5MB hard drive looked like in 1956 (note: required a forklift). - http://tnw.co/vuD4kJ ah, those were the days...

Obama Likes the Internet, So He’ll Probably Veto #SOPA If It Gets That Far - http://dthin.gs/uaZQzO naive, much? (v @jeffjarvis @karaswisher)

While Drafting #SOPA, the U.S. House Harbors BitTorrent Pirates - http://bit.ly/s1t39F well, that was inevitable, wasn't it? #hypocrisyisus

Who needs SOPA when you have GoDaddy's shutdown policy? - http://bit.ly/rS3wra more #godaddy fun

Warner Bros Sued For Pirating Louis Vuitton Trademark - http://bit.ly/vb7K2A oh, lovely

"Nadie respeta la cultura de un país que lidera las descargas ilegales" - http://bit.ly/tr342a more cluelessness (v @RRSalceda @SinkDeep)

Movies, Now More Than Ever, Or Is It Video Games? - http://bit.ly/s7eJII whoa: "Studios admitting that they compete for leisure dollars?"

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