Wednesday, 21 December 2011


Three Strikes Approach Rejected By Irish Data Protection Commissioner, Gov't Seeks Censorship Plan Instead - </sigh>

LiMux—Free Software for Munich - fab, detailed history of this key project (v @jjkaraganis)#linux

Open Access Is Spreading -- But Is It Really Open Access? - er, probably not #licensing

“Spanish Napster” Victorious As Court Rejects Major Label Copyright Case - hugely important win #spain

EC Toughens Checks as China Fails to Stop #GM Rice Contamination - probably unstoppable; time to abolish gene patents

#RIAA's Report Card on #Google's Anti-Piracy Policies - hilarious: "Stop Self-Serving Alarmist Rhetoric" (v @jonbains)

Source: #Groupon Doesn’t Have The Cash to Build Its New Data Center - anyone else think this will end in tears?

RECAP & UPDATE: the Unitary Patent System and Unified Patent Court - good summary of a real mess

The Myth of the Unintended Infringer in #SOPA and PIPA - good point from Paul Vixie

Apache's Open Letter to the #ODF Ecosystem - "we seek to offer a neutral and powerful collaboration opportunity" #asf

How #Twitter Stores 250 Million Tweets a Day Using #MySQL - great data point for #opensource (v @gnat)

The Open Access Movement is disorganized; this must not continue - "we need an Open Access Institute": yes #oa

BT Joins the Patent Hall of Shame - does #BT really want to be hated...*again*? #android #patents

New Anti-#SOPA Song & Crowdsourced Video From Dan Bull - totally fab: do listen and pass it on

Open Humanities Working Group Update - "now have a blog to help coordinate all of the projects in the humanities:"

Dell and China's Baidu launch new smartphone - "uses the "Baidu Yi" platform, which is compatible with Android app"

RT @FelixTreguer#Gallo says waiting for EUCJ opinion on #ACTA would be too long & "disastrous" for the EU economy... #dogmatism >>what rot

Invisible #Censorship: How the Government Censors Without Being Seen - #india becomes #china: sad

Postmarket Effects of Intellectual Monopoly - why downloadable music is more expensive than CDs; nice analysis

Consistency of Korea-US Free Trade Agreement #Copyright Provisions with U.S. Law - interesting, unsurprising

Senado Mexicano se postra a los pies de la industria del copyright - wow, this is seriously bad #leyDoring

Can the USPTO Be Sued Under the APA for Issuing Bad Patents? - now there's an idea...

OpenCorporates: 1 year on: 10 times bigger, masses more data… & a new #API - I predict great things for this #opendata

European Parliament opposes free ads for proprietary software on EU web sites - quite right (v @Sjig)#eu

Infographic Remix: #ACTA, Lethal Weapon Against your Rights! - EU people: soon time to contact your MEPs

US Govt secretly snoops on your email - the answer is clearly to write more, and more rubbish

Copyright law: no one understands it - not even lawyers, caught here using copyright pix without permission

Is America a Failing State? - and is the UK next in line?

EU patent gets Legal Affairs Committee green light - that's a pity; still nees european parliament approval

Statistik: Energieverbrauch Deutschlands sinkt kräftig - largely thanks to the weather, apparently #de

Learning from LiMux - do we have the "formalized body of knowledge or best practices" we need yet? #linux #opensource

Indian farm suicides - key facts and figures - terrible numbers, getting worse

There's a map for that - fighting gerrymandering with #opensource #opendata

Barbara Hepworth Sculpture Stolen From Dulwich Park - probably to be melted down; what pathetic individuals

HMRC: crack down on tax dodgers - epetition to stop this ridiculous state of affairs

Sprint goes on the offensive with patent suit against cable - more patent madness: what a surprise

What #fairuse is for - thoughts on the Authors’ Guild lawsuit against the Hathi Trust

Apple’s latest patent spells big trouble for competitors - another ridiculously obvious, easy to implement technique

Kindle Fire, Nook #Tablet pushing Android tablet share to 40 percent, predicts IDC - a prediction, but plausible

Cryptocat - "open source encrypted, private alternative to other services such as Facebook chat" (v @putt1ck)

Mozilla and Google Sign New Agreement for Default Search in Firefox - as some of us predicted (v @beltzner @paulrouget)

TEXTUS: an open source platform for working with collections of texts and metadata - sounds great; just needs writing

Veoh Still Perfectly Legal... But Also Still Dead Due To Bogus Copyright Lawsuit - good ruling, but too late...

Twitter to open source code from newly-acquired Whisper Systems - well done chaps

A new way to contribute to #Wikipedia - significant move

Best idea of 2011: Give control of Net content to group that sued a dead grandmother - (v @normative @cybertheorist)

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