Friday, 9 December 2011


Who Owns The Data Collected About You From Devices Inside Your Body? - now would be a good time to think about this

Elliott Carter: A Reverse Chronological Collection - one of the few centenarian composers #spotify

An experiment on decision making open to Wikipedians - "an interactive online experiment on decision making"

Making #AIDS Drugs Affordable With Prizes, Not #Patents - there is a better way; this is it #pharma

Famed Patent Troll Smacked Down Over 'Anonymous' Threat Letter - great to come across a literate judge

Worms Can Pass a Trait Down for 100 Generations…Without Using DNA - go, #epigenetics... (v @mpesce)

From Open Source to Open Research: Horizon 2020 - what could be done, but won't #openinnovation #eu

MT @SinkDeep every time the US condemn "surveillance and censorship" a new repressive law is drafted by kittens. beyond hypocrisy >>yup

Supreme Court Seems Ok With Patenting Medical Diagnostics - wow, this looks bad #scotus #patents

Feds Falsely Censor Popular Blog Over A Year, Deny All Due Process, Hide All Details - staggering, must-read #copyright

Public Interest Analysis of the US #TPP Proposal for an IP Chapter - excellent, detailed analysis

EU Parliament Seminar Looks At Risks Of Outsourcing Policing Of Internet - summary of yesterday's meeting

Nortel patent sale: FSFE defends Free Software, competition - rumbling on #patents

Disaster book club: What you need to read to understand the crash of Air France 447 - fine, thoughtful post

Google+ Introduces Automatic Face Recognition To Photo Tagging (But It’s Completely Opt-In) - at the moment...

Bad News from Berkeley - "The copyrights come first, and the pedagogy not at all" #more copyright maximalism

Pressure for private Internet policing in UK - not looking good; not transparent, either... #deact

How #Amazon Plans to Give Indie Authors a Leg Up (Hint: There's Cash Involved) - still gunning for publishing industry

The Internet’s Intolerable Acts - #SOPA as collective punishment

Details On SOPA/PIPA Alternative Released... With Open Requests For Feedback - transparency? now that's bold

This Man Is a Parallel Parking God - undeniably impressive

Should Freedom of Information Requests Extend to Technology and Software Systems? - yes, says US judge

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