Saturday, 17 December 2011


UMG claims "right to block or remove" YouTube videos it doesn't own - this is bad; yet they still want more with #SOPA

#China cracks down on microblogs: now all users must verify their identity - how long before West follows suit?

China to build English market town - this is seriously weird (v @chinesepod)

‘For Dummies’ Publisher Sues BitTorrent Users to “Educate and Settle” - yeah, right

#SOPA attracts plenty of supporters during House debate - amongst wilful politicians, that is

A Rational Way To Dispose Of Counterfeit Designer Clothes: Donate Them To The Homeless - who could object to that?

What Should #Mozilla Do? - maybe not what you think #firefox #sopa

Mission report: Fighting the Muppetocracy - sobering stuff, just in case you were getting too optimistic

People in Glasshouses (With Windows) Shouldn't Throw Stones - #microsoft points fingers over malware??? get the facts

MT @wikileaks UK Supreme Court to hear Assange extradition case on 1-2 Feb 2012 before full bench of 7 judges. More details soon

#SOPA Day 1: We Don't Understand This Bill, It Might Do Terrible Things, But Dammit, We're Passing It Now - </sigh>

How #SOPA 2.0 Sneaks In A Really Dangerous Private Ability To Kill Any Website - worse & worse

#SOPA Markup Runs Out Of Time; Likely Delayed Until 2012 - a reprieve - let's use the time wisely & well

Megaupload Video Reinstated, Universal Says “You Can’t Touch Us” - confused? me too

oh no: looks like #SOPA markup is back next week (Wednesday): not good...(v @mmasnick)

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