Thursday, 15 December 2011


100 years after Amundsen #ACTA goes South - let's hope the European Parliament can do something here

Louis CK declares $5 standup special a success, sells 110k copies for $200k profit in 3 days - great to see

UK is Europe's most digitally aware nation, Ofcom study finds - for some value of "aware" (v @Coadec)

Humble Indie Bundle Well On Its Way To Break Sales Record - more evidence other business models work

Filmmaker: BitTorrent Pirates Help Us Get More Exposure - obscurity worse than piracy

Code For America Receives $1.5M Grant From Google To Help The Government Harness Technology - sensible #ogov

How #SOPA will hurt the free web and Wikipedia - great post from #wikipedia's General Counsel

Alibaba to pre-load mobile gaming on its Chinese operating system - Linux-based #china

Mehr Open Government führt zu Datenfriedhof? - these people don't even make sense any more #ogov #opendata #de

Ranking: Weltwirtschaftsforum kürt Hongkong als Top-Finanzplatz - shanghai next #china

Journalists can now live-tweet in UK courts without asking permission - bgood; but begs question of who's a journalist

EU ministers agree to share passenger data with the US - let's hope the European Parliament can save us...

UK Government plans to improve UK's #copyright laws - consultation on implementing Hargreaves (v @copyrightgirl)

#ACTA Adopted By EU Governments, Now in EU Parliament's Hands - so much for "democracy"...

ReadWriteWeb Acquired by SAY Media - no word on the dosh involved... #publishing

Online piracy laws must preserve Web freedom - another good explanation of why #SOPA is bad

Outercurve Developer Survey - some interesting stats on #opensource use and attitudes

Max #Mosley Sues Google For Unflattering Search Results - Creating Even More - v fine study in #fail

Full text: Open letter from Silicon Valley execs opposing #SOPA - impressive line-up

#SOPA Fixes Isolate Opponents, especially Google - wow, what a delusional anti-google rant

#Apple made #Galaxy Tab a 'household name': Samsung - well, poetic justice

UN, IMF join opposition to ICANN top-level domain plans - #icann increasingly isolated...

Government and private policing - bad stuff coming our way in the UK #copyright #piracy

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