Friday, 23 December 2011


Japanese File-Sharing App Creator Not Guilty of #Copyright Infringement - v important win #p2p #piracy

MorpHex part II - whoa: The Prisoner/RoboCop all rolled (sic) into one #future #robotics

anyone know if #apple has made any official statements about #SOPA? or any implicit support/condemnation? I think we need to know...

Over 40 Internet Companies Come Out Publicly Against SOPA - so where's #apple? "on the fence" is not an answer...

Raspberry Pi beta boards populated (with pix) - nearly there #linux #arm

motion to dismiss the Authors Guild as a plaintiff from its case against Google

1,000 noteworthy #opensource downloads - with capsule reviews; 1000 perfect gifts

Brazil's #Copyright Reform Draft Bill: The Good, The Bad And The Confused - #brazil rather losing its way here

DoH lack of transparency hides £470m spent on management consultants - more spent on them than on lung & skin cancer

The rise and rise of the landless movement in Brazil - brazil's new forest code is utter madness, driving deforestation

“Yes We Scan” - "to digitize the contents of all US libraries including the Library of Congress"

Anti-CNN Spokesman Shaun Rein - interesting post about important issues #journalism #china

A new M.A. in entrepreneurial #journalism at CUNY - messages from the future

Daft Idea Of The Week: Giving People #Copyright In Their Faces - no, really?

Now sync your own videos to the #Kindle Fire with #Miro - #opensource video player now even more wonderful

FDA Won’t Act Against Ag Antibiotic Use - utterly nuts: many people will die as a result of this cave-in to lobbyists

Go Daddy No Longer Supports #SOPA - wow, they crumpled faster than I expected (v @richi)#godaddy

1976 Letter from Potential Partner Calls Steve Jobs a ‘Joker’ - rather amusing

INDA: Portal Brasileiro de Dados Abertos - cool: coming in 2012 #opendata #brazil

The role of belief in ebook pricing and what to do about it - needed: some facts #publishing

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