Sunday, 4 December 2011


The #Pirate Party Effect: German Greens Scramble To Draw Up Digital Policies To Hold On To Voters - dominoes #de

#Napster: Lessons for The Enemies of Shadow IT - nice points

Royal Society Claims 1671 Copyright On Newton Letter (#Copyright Law Born 29 Years Later) - ahead of its time

Just Say No - Michael Ashburner is a star (v @CameronNeylon @sharmanedit)#openaccess

Pablo Escobar's drug cartel spent $2,500 per month on rubber bands for bricks of cash - symbol of drug war's futility

U.S. judge rejects Apple bid to halt Galaxy sales - cat & mouse game continues #tablets #patents

'Honour' crimes against women in UK rising rapidly, figures show - shameful for UK - & the communities involved

#Sweden vs. #Assange: call for action - what you might do, and why

Will the European Parliament Public Health committee formulate an opinion on ACTA? - MEPs needed to ask them

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