Thursday, 22 December 2011


Do We Really Need #Copyright For #Academic Publishing? - well, do we?

'Lower IT budget will push public administrations to open source" - let's hope: it's about time (v @Sjig)#eu

Rentnerin ohne Computer muss wegen Raubkopie zahlen - further proof the system has gone bonkers #copyright

interesting map of most popular #mobile OS by country - this will look radically different in a year (v @vickeegan)

RT @Falkvinge German #Piratenpartei appears to stabilize around 7-9% in country-wide polls. Glückwunsch! >>interesting

Irish property developers' grand vision for Battersea power station left in ruins - yet another scheme fails #london

#Android: 700,000 Activations Per Day, WiFi Not Included? - that's over 200 million per year currently

Microsoft und Nokia liebäugelten mit RIM-Übernahme - #RIM is clearly toast

Brand Identity - makes sense #xkcd

#Microsoft, #Nokia linked to comments on negative Lumia review - they can't even do #astroturfing properly

New #Firefox for #Android Experience Optimized for Tablets - cool; now all I need is a tablet

Tomorrow’s #SOPA hearing has been cancelled - let's hope it's not a trick...

Both Sides Claim Victory In Microsoft-Motorola Patent Dispute At ITC - well, they would do

#Apple Claims Samsung Tablet, Phone Cases Infringe Patents - next: claims patent on air inside (v @opensourcerer)

UK Ministry of Justice dreams of £1bn mega IT framework - they never learn, do they? #itdisasters

RIAA: Someone Else Is Pirating Through Our IP- Addresses - so they won't mind everyone using that excuse, no?#Big Entertainment Companies Issuing Wrongful YouTube Claims On Public Domain Works - but they never get punished

#India’s $45 tablet sold out in a week as pre-orders open for $55 device - this is the power of #android

MT @rmack @_rubensk:“CNNIC to apply for .公司 (company) and .网络 (network)" >>so much more attractive than .com, .net

Why #Java Isn't Dead On #Ubuntu - @webmink clears up the confusion

SurDoc Raises $4 Million For Sharing Formatted Documents Across All Platforms - uses #UOML: anyone know this?

Ideas for - sounds good

#China tops U.S, Japan to become top #patent filer - no surprise, but quantity does not equal quality (v @fosspatents)

Ofcom maps out what 'psychics' are allowed to do on TV - well done, #ofcom

Mobile #censorship - ORG site to monitor growing problem in UK

Japanese Company Works On 13-Foot #Robot With Built-In Cockpit - what could possibly go wrong?

U.S. Holds On to Biometrics Database of 3 Million Iraqis - "Iraqis might be able to access the database’s contents"

You knew the old Mozilla, meet the new Mozilla - "the emergence of new facets of #Mozilla" (v @gnat)

Did You Embed The Leaked Trailer For Dark Knight Rises On Your Blog? Under #SOPA, You May Face Jail Time - ready?

FOSS dev's campaign against software patents in #australia moves ahead - good to see #swpats #au (v @zoobab)

Google’s Rubin: ITC ruling in Apple/HTC case may see start of patent settlements - really? #android

Virtual Choir 3: Water Night - you choice to singalongawhitacre #music

Defending Privacy at the U.S. Border: A Guide for Travelers Carrying Digital Devices - telling that this is necessary

US Government Targets The Pirate Bay, Megaupload and Others - isn't it time we just ignored this nonsense?

#Scribd Protests #SOPA By Making A Billion Pages On The Web Disappear - clever metaphor

Europeans migrate south as continent drifts deeper into crisis - significant indicator #demographics

Legal Affairs committee meeting 20 December - #gallo is a disaster: trying to force #ACTA through without due scrutiny

Why do women menstruate? - something I've wondered too; here's a plausible explanation

#Bitcoin's comeback: should Western Union be afraid? - not dead yet

A simple HTML tag will crash 64-bit #Windows 7 - stability, what's that? (v @BrendanEich @briankrebs)

The Future of #Drone Warfare - important: coming to a sky near you

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