Wednesday, 7 December 2011


Self-Regulation: Should Online Companies Police The Internet? - Brussels meeting on Wednesday, open to all

Occupy London's anger over police 'terrorism' document - London plods as tone-deaf as ever

New approach to determining human impact on climate gives same answer - so there you go

White House to open source as open government data platform - great news #opendata #opensource

Safecast: Global sensor network collects and shares radiation data via CC0 - this is the way it will be done

Caught on camera: top lobbyists boasting how they influence the PM - regulate #lobbying now (v @davidallengreen)

MPs demand #extradition safeguards - let's hope this produces a result #uk

Acceptance of CC-NC has sold readers and authors seriously short - this is a disgrace #openaccess

EC Opens Formal Antitrust Proceedings To Investigate E-book Sales ‘Cartel’ - quite right: #ebook pricing is absurd

Statement by KEI on the protection of #broadcasting organizations - adding to the #copyright thickets to require YOU to opt out of data-sharing plan with drug firms - I fear this will end in tears

More Collateral Damage From #SOPA: People With Print Disabilities And Human Rights Groups - bad stuff

#GM risks loom for Australian wheat industry - so why even bother?

Mongolian herders show the way - "pastures in #Mongolia are a common pool resource shared by many users"

Chinese Smog Disaster Rouses Chinese Media - hopeful glimmers of openness? #china

#RIAA Claims It Succeeded In Getting #Piracy Under Control Years Ago - these people live on a different planet

'It's really good stuff': undercover at a Chinese #tiger bone wine auction - clearly more shame is needed in #china

Renewed calls for statutory register of lobbyists - the sooner the better #lobbying #uk

RT @jackschofield NASA: 48 seconds close-up of Jupiter rotating #APOD >>truly majestic #space

DARPA's factory of the future looks like open source development - #openinnovation is the only way

Will German exchequer be laughing to bank courtesy Article 10 of proposed Regulation on unitary patent protection? -

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