Tuesday, 6 December 2011


Are EU ministers driving us towards a European #patent disaster? - http://bit.ly/vpNn1z now this is an interesting perspective

The #Shard's bleeding edge: anatomy of a 21st century skyscraper - http://bit.ly/rRSgYb fascinating technical details #london

Not impressed with #Wikipedia? Watch all of its activity in real-time - http://tnw.co/tySjGl warning: seriously exhilirating

The Discovery of #Dolphin Language - http://bit.ly/vxI1dq exciting if confirmed (v @ordnas)#linguistics

Piraten wollen lange Urheberrechtslaufzeiten - http://bit.ly/tcYxii this is pathetic #pirateparty #copyright

USA Has Become A Dangerous Place For Software Development: Richard M Stallman - http://bit.ly/vDiY4q you know why #swpats #rms

#Surveillance: A thriving British industry - http://bit.ly/rY3y5X good summary

What's a Free Software Non-Profit For? - http://bit.ly/sV3Y2v good question; bradley kuhn answers

Botnets: Hi-tech crime in the UK - http://bbc.in/t82GTw amazing: #bbc finally mentions #windows in this context (v @ralpost)

MT @AlexiMostrous Great result for #Assange. Refused appeal but it's of 'general public importance' - can appeal directly to Supreme Court

Democracy and Debt - http://bit.ly/stBCfI fab, must-read piece: "Debts that can’t be paid, won’t be" (v @mbauwens)

Kaspersky Dumps Anti-Piracy Group in #SOPA Protest - http://bit.ly/tBW0so kudos

New round of ministerial meetings on digital #copyright enforcement partially opened-up - http://bit.ly/tjM63f good, but still hugely biased

Subject: Revocation of IP addresses or domain names in third countries - http://bit.ly/sCnqEG rather feeble reply (v @jmcest @EDRi_org)

A Year in the Life of Open #Archaeology (and some upcoming events to look out for) - http://bit.ly/ugWICu open everything

Major UK supermarket chain Tesco rolls out free Wi-Fi in stores nationwide - http://tnw.co/rr65FO will soon be a commonplace

Economic growth, #opendata and the power of personal information - http://bit.ly/ruCT0q important point: anonymised data isn't

The Week In Data - http://bit.ly/tJVbYN great roundup of great #opendata and #visualisation projects - exciting stuff

"Der Wert kultureller Inhalte ist oft höher als ihr Preis" - http://bit.ly/ucCSoY this Green is totally clueless (v @netzpolitik)#copyright

Tell European Parliament to Stop Supporting Forced Child Labor in the Cotton Industry - http://chn.ge/uLUvtp end this disgrace #uzbekistan

Open Access Part II: The Structure, Resources, and Implications for Nurses - http://bit.ly/s2xeIY #OA empowers really nurses

Why Full Open Access Matters - http://bit.ly/t7GYhL that is, cc-by #openaccess

Spotmeup: The free, easy way for musicians to get their music on Spotify - http://tnw.co/u8dEeA #spotify the new gatekeeper?

Verdict in the case of AVM vs. Cybits confirmed the view of FSFE - http://bit.ly/vCuUZt going the right way #gpl

In Bed With Lola and Gulnara - http://bit.ly/viHYoj more on the repulsive #uzbekistan regime - and the West's complicity #torture

SPD-Leitantrag “Freiheit, Gerechtigkeit und Solidarität in der digitalen Gesellschaft” - http://bit.ly/sC2gZB #freesw "wo es möglich ist"

RT @ FFII @michelbarnier#brevet essentiel pour la #croissance. >> oh yes, where's you independent evidence please...?

Anti-Piracy Group Blackmails ISPs to Censor The Pirate Bay - http://bit.ly/v61LdK “This will just give us more traffic, as always"

Same Old Song - http://bit.ly/sK5R8N "Piracy was the messenger, not the message." history repeats itself... #lobbyists

In A World Where Recorded Music 'No Longer Has Monetary Value,' The Artist Is King - http://bit.ly/t9djBG fascinating stuff #art #business

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