Friday, 27 June 2014


Moody's Microblog Daily Digest 140625 - yesterday's tweets as a single Web page #MMDD

Shocking Secrets Revealed! What Big Libraries Pay for Big Deals change it (v @PLOSLabs @petermurrayrust)#oa

In the shadow of #TPP lurks #TISA – and another GFC  - and that's not good

#TISA: Fears raised over secret trade talks - "could hamstring New Zealand's ability to respond to a crisis." #NZ

Content Mining: we can now mine images (of phylogenetic trees and more) - incredibly important & exciting - work #OA

Google spells out ambitious plan: Android world domination - which also means #Linux world domination...

 Massachusetts high court orders suspect to decrypt his computers - US gets its own #RIPA madness

Why #TAFTA/#TTIP Isn't Worth It Economically, & How We Can Do Much Better - @EU_Commission's own numbers prove it

#TTIP Stakeholder events Round 6, Brussels - public - & MEPs - not invited... #TAFTA

Iraqi Kurds strengthen their positions while Isis advances on Baghdad - the birth of a nation? #kurdistan

Phone-hacking trial was officially about crime; but in reality, it was about power - brilliant piece of journalism

Why did Theresa May change speech on MI5 snooping powers? - now there's a good question (v @RispoliMike @privacyint)

Movie Boss Loses the Plot Over ISP Piracy Liability - as usual...

#TPP threatens Australia's Pharmaceutical Benefits Scheme - “It will cost Australian lives"

Tell David Cameron: put our bees above #Syngenta's profits - outrageous; pl. sign & spread

.@Wikileaks confirms #TISA alarm raised by @PSIglobalunion - indeed

Common sense prevails as BBC upholds Today programme climate complaint - too right; do better, #BBC...

Study: Half Of All Young People In UK Think Digital Content Should Be Free To Download - the future of #copyright...

How Patents Are Stopping Your Microwave From Being Awesome - and much else

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