Thursday, 12 June 2014


 Moody's Microblog Daily Digest 140610 - yesterday's tweets as a single Web page #MMDD

Statins for low risk of heart disease needs rethink - "all the trial data comes from pharmaceutical company trials"

#TTIP contradicts post-2015 development goals, experts say - another reason to bin it #TAFTA

NRKbeta Doctrine: "only way to control your content is to be the best provider of it" - old but good (v @ThAOSteen)

urgent: Stop the EMA Backsliding on Open Clinical Data [Updated] - pl. write today to defend #opendata

UK Government urged to act quickly on plain cigarette packaging - "Cameron caving in to vested interests"?

The #FLOK Society Project: Making The Good Life Possible Through Good Knowledge - fascinating stuff

The inevitable demise of the fossil fuel empire - "Renewables, especially rooftop solar, will take a leading role"

Why companies like Google, Spotify and Red Hat are embracing @docker’s#opensource containers -

European Commission to investigate Irish tax arrangements with Apple - time to do the others, too

Oil drillers promise to withdraw from Africa's Eden - fab news for #virunga; now  DRC government must follow up

New Organization Launched to Accept Submissions & Provide Support to Whistleblowers - fab: #whistleblowers, avanti...

"Organised criminals create a self-serving climate of fear" - good to see May speaking out on UK gov's problems

"address declining capabilities when it comes to communications data" - er, no: #GCHQ is downloading the entire Net

Jamie Love’s Next Big Idea: Making the WTO into a force for good in Public Health - nothing if not ambitious

If The #NSA's System Is Too Big To Comply With Court Orders, Court Should Require It To Change Its System - you bet

Open Media District - lots of interesting stuff happening in Rome... (v @carlopiana)

#Iraq army capitulates to Isis militants in four cities - what a disaster...well done, Bush and Blair...

"US invasion and occupation cost Washington close to a trillion dollars " - enough to address climate change... #iraq

How Do You Know The Public Domain Is In Trouble? It Requires A 52-Page Handbook To Determine If Something Is PD -

Microsoft Challenges Idea That US Government Can Go Fishing For Emails Stored Outside The US - important battle

Courage, a new international organisation dedicated to providing support to truthtellers - I like "truthtellers"...

#Congo mines no longer in grip of warlords and militias, says report - let's hope this is really so...

Germany phasing out Johnson's water cannon because of safety fears - IOW,@MayorofLondon is buying a (dangerous) dog

Taxi Drivers In Europe 'Protest' Uber, Creating Astounding Media Attention, Massive Jump In Signups - whoops

#Peru's “Bagua massacre” haunts the #TPP - US government shamefully implicated in deaths #wikileaks

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