Monday, 2 June 2014


Moody's Microblog Daily Digest 140601 - yesterday's tweets as a single Web page #MMDD

UK announces Yuan clearing Bank in London - straws in the wind.. #china

King Juan Carlos of Spain abdicating - wow (v @africatechie)#spain

#Australia experiences its hottest two years on record - just the weather, isn't it, Mr Abbott...?

Interview with Steve Pettifer, computer scientist and developer of Utopia Documents - soon to be #opensource #oa

#TTIP: Talks get ‘technical’ as negotiators push harder issues to 2015 - good summary (v @DrRimmer#TAFTA

Dangerous Pesticides Are Showing Up More & More in Our Urine and Breast Milk - more research needed here #glyphosate

Supreme Court Rejects Appeal From Reporter Over Identity of Source - awful news (v @AdV007 @brenno)#whistleblower

MT @EU_TTIP_team we meet civil society organisations to discuss #TTIP!gk43Pc >>redefining industry as civil soc. again...

Deal or no deal? EU-Canada trade deal falters at final hurdle - #ISDS big sticking point (v @CETAWatch)#CETA

US House passes bill banning 'Buy American' waivers for TPP, #TTIP - big if it passes: seriously screws up EU demands

here's where EC redefined corporate lobbyists as 'civil society' to pretend to be transparent in TAFTA/#TTIP before -

MT @EU_TTIP_team treffen wir mit Vertretern der Zivilgesellschaft um #TTIP zu diskutieren.!gk43Pc >>meistens mit Lobbyisten

MT @EU_TTIP_team nous rencontrons avec la société civile sur le #TTIP!gk43Pc >> non: la plupart sont des lobbyistes

Verizon Begs To Be Classified Under Title II For Subsidies; Screams About Parade Of Horribles Any Other Time -

Supreme Court Unanimously Smacks Down CAFC Two More Times - NB this won't happen with EU #UPC - nothing to rein it in

The EPA’s new plan is a huge boon for clean energy and efficiency companies - hope so, it's about time...

‘Appalling service’ provided by Healthcare at Home leaves patients without drugs - #privatisation (v @Spinwatch)

European Commission attempting to block citizens' requests via - EC behaving badly again

#Canada acts to protect public interest, EU declines: unfinished #CETA is a bad sign for #TTIP - (v @hawkins_carole)

10 reasons to be worried about the trojan treaties - that's #TAFTA/#TTIP and #TPP (v @hawkins_carole)

Trademark Holder Sends Cease-And-Desist To Zazzle Over Products Using 3,000-Year-Old Greek Letter -

Stop Secret Contracts - "We call for open information about public sector contracts, to strengthen public scrutiny"

#TPP no longer about free trade - "not a free trade system that gives broad-ranging benefits to people" #japan

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