Thursday, 5 June 2014


Moody's Microblog Daily Digest 140604 - yesterday's tweets as a single Web page #MMDD

#TPP trade deal likely in 2015, says Robb - hilarious: originally it was going to be finished in 2013

"#Ingress serves as a sort of gigantic promotion for Google products" - undeniably fascinating...

Dell Adds @ubuntu To Tablet & Inspiron Lineup - great; but @Dell has been very fickle with GNU/Linux (v @schestowitz)

Michael Robertson Challenges Ruling That Says He Has To Pay Over $40 Million For Copyright Infringement - good luck

#Denmark: #Dataretention is here to stay despite the CJEU ruling - good, detailed analysis

monopoly-lovers try to justify anti-competitive software patent monopolies - (v @zoobab)#opensource

EUCJ AG says that Member State may authorise libraries to digitise individual works without rightholders' consent -

Wales: Reconsider Turning 830 acres of Wildlife into a Race Track - crazy

Labour commits to 'rolling back' competition in the #NHS - about time too

Central African Republic bans texting during wave of violence -

Asbestos anyone? In defence of the precautionary principle - why we must keep it in #TAFTA/#TTIP

Ein Freifahrtschein für Lobbyisten - how #TTIP's supranational Regulatory Council will undermine democracy #lobbying

Techdirt Is Now 100% SSL - @techdirt does the right thing - at some cost to itself... #nsa #snowden

“US emerged as world’s industrial leader by illicitly appropriating mech. & scientific innovations from Europe”  -

Openforum Europe launches UK Chapter [pdf] - "firmly endorsing the UK Cabinet Office's #OpenStandards Principles"

 Europäische Ombudsstelle kritisiert Vorzensur - appalling move by @EMA_News

Vienna: on the #OpenSource Path to Munich - but UK cities using open source nowhere to be found?

.@BritishAirways Stop selling trips to @SeaWorld . End your support for these cruel orca circuses -

India state minister on rape: 'Sometimes it's right, sometimes it's wrong' - er, no, actually...

Richard Dawkins: 'I did not, and will not, condemn fairy tales.' -

#China Learned The Tricks Of Propaganda From The Best: US Politicians & PR Industry - & Tony Blair, apparently...

The farming lobby has wrecked efforts to defend our soil - staggeringly selfish & stupid

Das Freihandelsabkommen ist Ihr/unser Thema - coments invited (v @Liese_Mueller)#TTIP #TAFTA

Secretive trans-Atlantic trade talks are fuelling distrust in civil society - is that what the @EU_Commission wants?

#Snowden, the Terminator, and Us - dramatic stuff...

Email Self-defence - short new guide from @fsf #PGP

Astoundingly Bad Reporting On Ed #Snowden: Claims He Said The Exact Opposite Of What He Said - </sigh>

Resignations threat over Taylor & Francis ‘censorship’  - staggering attempt to squelch discussion of #openaccess

New Study Shows Legal Music Services -- Not Fear Of Harsh #Copyright Laws -- Reduce Illegal File Sharing - *again*

Britain's first secret trial: this way lies trouble - bit of an understatement, I'd say... #shameful

Secret trials: judges should be trusted to make right decisions, says Grayling - what a witless thing to say #UK

Secret Trials: UK Holds A Secret Terror Trial, As US Appeals Court Holds Secret Hearing In Terror Case - the shame

Mathematicians Urge Colleagues To Refuse To Work For The #NSA - yay, go mathematicians...

EU Court Of Justice: Just Viewing Stuff Online Isn't Infringing On #Copyright - well, that's a relief

Trans-Pacific Partnership (#TPP) not in #Australia’s interest, say community organisations - to put it mildly

Pirates Like Streaming, But Don’t Completely Abandon Ship - in #Denmark, that is...

#Snowden is 'a textbook traitor,' Andreessen says - right; BTW, how is Netscape doing these days...?

Pirate Bay Founder’s Computer Was “Hacked,” Investigation Reveals - now, who has the skills & motivation to do that?

#TTIP statement from the 2014 Congress of the Nordic Transport Workers’ Federation - sensible stuff

EU's Fuel Rules Rewrite Opens The Door For Oilsands - shameful betrayal by EU (v @DavidPatersonca)#tarsands

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