Thursday, 12 June 2014


Moody's Microblog Daily Digest 140611 - yesterday's tweets as a single Web page #MMDD

Eine Wahnsinnstaat - good piece in @DIEZEIT on #TTIP's serious threat to democracy (v @TeraEuro)

Amazon Got 'Photography Against A White Background' Patent Because CAFC Says Obvious Ideas Must Be Written Down -

European Medicines Agency Unexpectedly Waters Down Draft Policy On Sharing Drug Safety Data - just unacceptable

Growing concerns over medicines agency's proposed rules for #transparency - @EMA_News must stand up for the public

MT @fl0Gl zu Guttenberg spricht in Berlin zu #TTIP #Datenschutz #NSA #BigData …>>who cares what he thinks?

34 International Experts Weigh in on Mass Surveillance on #Snowden Anniversary - keeping up the pressure

Trussell Trust told ‘government might try to shut you down’ - outrageous abuse of power (v @marcuschown @copwatcher)

New study suggests #patent #trolls really are killing startups - no surprise, but good to have quantified

Key elements of secret terror trial can be heard in public, court rules - judges save (some of) British justice...

Law Enforcement Agencies Continue To Obtain Military Equipment, Claiming The United States Is A 'War Zone' - eeek

 Small Farmers’ Rights Sidelined In #Uganda’s Plant Breeding Regulation - crazy; plays into multinationals' hands

#TTIP agreement may be too big not to happen, says USDA - because "too big to fail" works so well... #TAFTA

Schroedinger's Kingdom: the Scottish Political Singularity Explained - long, interesting #scotland

TRIPS, European Commission and EMA´s clinical trial transparency policy - more bullying by EC

Passport Office orders inquiry over  photographs - typical shoot-the-messenger reaction #whistleblowers

#Wildleaks attracts major wildlife crime leads in first three months - great idea - pl. spread the word

"WildLeaks: receive anonymous information regarding Wildlife & Forest Crimes & transform it into actionable items" -

UK to step up collaboration with US over nuclear warheads - does this poodle suit make us look fat?

Protect The Great Barrier Reef From Coal! - come on, #Australia, just stop this nonsense

All Our Patent Are Belong To You - kudos to @elonmusk, who gets it...

How Have Governments Around The World Responded To #Snowden's Revelations? - not very well - I'm lookin' at you, UK

The European Left launches a campaign against #TTIP - excellent news #TAFTA

Capitol Hill support for Trans-Pacific Partnership evaporating over pork - oink #TPP

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