Friday, 20 June 2014


Moody's Microblog Daily Digest 140618 - yesterday's tweets as a single Web page #MMDD

Australian Medical Association accuses The Australian of promoting smoking - @rupertmurdoch sinks to a new low

How Secret Partners Expand #NSA’s Surveillance Dragnet - & yet they still missed ISIS... (v @Thomas_Drake1)#iraq

China-UK climate vow means game is up for Abbott - "directly contradicts nearly everything said about climate change"

Grundzüge für #Tisa-Verhandlungen stehen - time 2 start fighting this global privatisation project (v @Liese_Mueller)

Gewerkschaften: Geheime #TiSA-Verhandlungen bedrohen öffentliche Dienstleistungen  - (@Liese_Mueller)#privatisation

Is calling #torture 'torture' political correctness? - why I can never respect @nytimes again

Bark But No Bite? Antigua Talks Tough On WTO Gambling Case, But No TRIPS Remedy - come on, #Antigua, get bold

#Microsoft bucks its own history, embraces “openness” in Azure push - & if you believe that, you'll believe anything

 European Parliament to weigh #opensource pilots - that's good, but how can we still be talking about this in 2014

Online #surveillance undermines trust in intelligence services, says Tory peer - exactly - it weakens our security

Russia 'secretly working with environmentalists to oppose #fracking' - oh look: here come the unsubstantiated smears

but that #fracking smear campaign makes no sense, since environmentalists want renewable energy - that's really bad for Russia

Stand up for democracy, bring down TTIP - one of a growing number of anti-#TTIP campaigns.. #TAFTA

important #TISA leak from @wikileaks - Financial Services Annex - (v @SMaurizi)#TTIP #TAFTA

The EU Patent Package – Where does Europe stand in June 2014? - great analysis (v @zoobab)#UPC

How The #NSA Gamified Spying On Everyone With 'Skilz' Points For NSA Analysts - the End Times clearly near

Bank of England CIO: "cloud opens UK data to CIA spies" - amazing to hear this from there (v @schestowitz)#NSA

Oil works threaten health of people in Peruvian Amazon - time to leave it in the ground #carbonbubble

TTIP is a land of opportunity for small businesses - delusional: whole basis of #TTIP is scale; SMEs will be crushed

Neues Handelsabkommen #Tisa gefährdet Datenschutz - waking up to the dangers of #TISA (v @SMaurizi)#TTIP #privacy

European Commission must not trade off our crown jewels when negotiating #TTIP - "legitimate concerns"

#Soco denies paying for Congo trip to UN to discuss #Virunga oil drilling - but clearly plans to drill; let's stop it

The new scramble for Africa - - more bad stuff #monsanto

Supreme Court Rejects s/w Patents On Performing Generic Functions; Pretends Lots Of Other s/w Must Be Patentable -

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