Wednesday, 18 June 2014


Moody's Microblog Daily Digest 140616 - yesterday's tweets as a single Web page #MMDD

Open standards and ITIL lead to open source' - France's Gendarmerie - 65,000 PC workstations running Ubuntu Linux

59 Orgs Call Upon UN to Remedy Human Rights Violations in Pre-Charge Detention of Julian #Assange


A Superbug Resistant to 'Last-Resort' #Antibiotics Has Made Its Way into the Food Supply - when will people wake up?

U.S. Healthcare Ranked Dead Last Compared To 10 Other Countries - UK first, surprisingly...

Umweltverschmutzung: Europas Gewässer stark mit Chemikalien belastet - "Vor allem Pestizide gefährden die Umwelt."

UK intelligence forced to reveal secret policy for mass #surveillance of residents’ Facebook and Google use - #gchq

No to #ISDS: not now, not here & not for us - brilliant new site; helps people fill in EU #TTIP consultation - pl. RT

Nein zu #ISDS: nicht hier, nicht jetzt und nicht mit uns! - lehne #TTIP sonderrechte für private investorinnen ab!

Non au #ISDS: ni ici, ni maintenant, ni pour nous ! - Rejetez les privileges speciaux aux investisseurs prives! #TTIP

Wasserversorgung doch in #TTIP-Verhandlungsmasse - "die Befürchtungen der Kritiker haben sich bestätigt."

#NHS England: Be more transparent - what you got to hide?

#Japan kills 30 minke whales in first hunt since UN court order - such (bloody) contempt for world opinion

#YouTube to block indie labels who don't sign up to new music service - abuse of monopoly power much? (v @carobotero)

“No Piracy” Symbol Added to New Unicode Standard - of all the world's problems, this is one of the most pressing...?

Leipzig is switching to #opensource office suites - yet another good development

Das #NSA-Deutschlanddossier des SPIEGEL: Ich geb dir, was du nicht sammeln darfst - nice work @SPIEGELONLINE

Verizon Lobbyists: That Deaf, Dumb And Blind Kid Sure Could Use An Internet Fast Lane - callous & cynical much?

Democrats propose bill to halt “fast lanes” on the internet - that's good (modulo details) #netneutrality

Ai Weiwei sparks 'leg gun' photo craze - I wondered who started this... #leggun

Possible hidden Latin warning about NSA in #Truecrypt's suicide note - "se non e' vero, e' ben trovato"

Court Rejects Request That Secret NSA Evidence Used Against Terrorism Suspect Be Shared With Suspect's Lawyers -

After breakthroughs in public debate, will new European parliament tackle corporate lobbying? - that would be nice

#OpenAccess Interviews: Deputy Director General, Bureau of Policy at National Natural Science Foundation of #China -

No to #ISDS! - "Take part in the consultation and help us push back unjustified privileges for private investors"

Liberals now third largest group in European Parliament - but will they wake up to #TTIP's dangers - like #ISDS?

#TTIP - A UNISON briefing - good summary - just 4 pages; handy for passing around (v @Liese_Mueller)#TAFTA

UNCTAD’s new Investment Policy Hub and IIA Database - >2,000 Bilateral Investment Treaties (BITs) & 300 “other IIAs”

When Aaron Swartz Spoofed His MAC Address, It Proved He Was A Criminal; When Apple Does It, It's Good For Everyone -

A world run for shareholders - interesting analysis of the Asian angle of #TAFTA/#TTIP

#Ecuador forced to accept a free trade agreement without negotiations - shame on @EU_Commission #bullying

Secret UK Policy On Surveillance Of All 'External' Communications Revealed By Counter Terrorism Boss - revise #RIPA

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