Saturday, 21 June 2014


Moody's Microblog Daily Digest 140619 - yesterday's tweets as a single Web page #MMDD

UK bans teaching Creationism as science in schools - well done, UK government (did I really write that...?)

EU-Arzneimittelbehörde in der Pharmalobby-Falle? - @EMA_News ist eine Schande

#USTR's Anti-Transparency Rules For #TAFTA/#TTIP Documents Published - *5* years' secrecy for all negotiating dox

Data protection official Peter Hustinx urges EU leaders to shield citizens from snooping - (v @mvdbroeck)#NSA

sadly, looks like @EU_Commission has gone for "fauxpen" standards, not open standards - nothing on RF requirement?

Alice v. CLS Bank ruling by US Supreme Court on 19 June 2014 - excellent, detailed analysis #swpats

Leaked Agreement would lock in failed neoliberal model  - exactly #TISA's aim...

#TTIP: "public diplomacy has to be centered on stories, not statistics" - IOW, ignore awkward facts, use fiction

Robb says Australia will not strike Tisa deal that would undermine banks - he clearly doesn't understand #TISA

Why Europe needs to break its imported fossil fuel addiction - this is so obvious even politicians ought to get it

#PRISM vor dem Europäischen Gerichtshof: 10 Fragen an Max Schrems - good work #nsa #SafeHarbour

Stingray Documents Show Law Enforcement Using 'Terrorism' To Obtain Equipment To Fight Regular Crime -

How German opposition could sink a major Canadian trade pact - #CETA has #ISDS; #ISDS must die; so #CETA must die

Breaking down the patent wall - by @richardbranson: is the tide finally turning against patents? (v @DrRimmer)

Secret trade deal puts public services at risk around the world - "easier to make profits and operate with impunity"

"secrecy surrounding these negotiations to extend GATS arrangements into areas previously rejected is anti-democratic in the extreme." #TISA

#TISA leak shows "our trade ministers really have been captured by large corporate interests." - spread the word

US says 'science' should settle #TTIP food trade rules - = "adopt a US-style food supply regulatory regime"

House Overwhelmingly Votes To Slam The Backdoor Shut On The #NSA! - hey, it's a start...

Software Patents: Historical Decision by the US Supreme Court on Limits of Patentability - pity EU going other way...

#TTIP Update XXIX - a big #TISA leak, #transparency about lack of trasnparency, & a promise of simple stories #TAFTA

Thousands of #fracking wells in US 'may be leaking methane' - may be "bigger climate change contributor than thought"

 How Amazon is holding Hachette hostage - through @HachetteBooks's own stupidity in loving #DRM so much

“If everyone runs open Wi-Fi, there’s no real argument that anyone is being negligent by doing so” - clever

Ofgem to unveil biggest ever energy sector investigation - "could see businesses broken up" - long overdue #uk

Digital Content Online Should Be Free, Children Say - this is why #copyright will die...

#Renewable energy capacity up by 8.3 percent in 2013 - good, but we must do better

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