Wednesday, 30 May 2012


Peruanische Regierung ruft Notstand in Andenprovinz aus - fighting back against exploitation & pollution

Tenor of the Century: Enrico #Caruso Complete Recordings (1902-1920) on Naxos Historical -

Open source maps and their alternatives - wow, #tomtomreally running scared... #openstreetmap

why#openstreetmap is actually better than proprietary alternatives - so there (v @cdaffara)#osm #tomtom

Abstimmungen im EU-Parlament: #ACTA stoppen, jetzt aktiv werden! - this is the week: contact those MEPs

The Internet Underground Music Archive is back - good news #iuma

#ACTA: Unredacted Docs Show European Commission Negotiation Failures - another reason we must have #transparency

Britain's climate change policy is going up in smoke - #uk

#Arduino Uno Rev3 pinouts photo - handy info#openhardware

US authorities interrogate @jerezim&@smarimc about #assange - outrageous stuff (v @clarinette02)

Stopping #ACTA: JURI and LIBE Committees - more MEPs that need some correspondence from you, pl.

Your MEPs can help stop #ACTA this week - ORG's thoughts on what you can do

Which is Worse -- #Sharing With Attribution, Or #Plagiarism Without? - strange behaviour by #de politicians

Making #OpenAccess a reality for Science - "research funded by the EU, we will require open access"

Whitehall to relent on secrecy over mega projects – after 10-year campaign? - let's hope #transparency

DuPont buys stake in S African seed business - short-sighted move by #southafrica #seeds

'Nederland moet zich uitspreken tegen #ACTA' - let's hope (v @gsDetermination)#nl

Should Websites Charge A Fee To Process Copyright Takedowns? - “Nothing in this world is for free" – ha!

#ACTA: European Commission Negotiation Failures - fab, must-read analysis; another reason to reject

RT @arjanelfassed parliament majority in the netherlands will defenitely not sign or ratify acta - #ACTA >>this is big (v @StopActaNow)

EU-Kommission: Hat sich um Transparenz bei #ACTA (nicht) bemüht - more thoughts on this disgraceful failure

Linux kernel devs, Samba join #GPL compliance effort - be fun to watch #licensing

Urheberrechtspapier der Linken-Fraktion - fascinating to see how all the parties are starting to shift, albeit slowly

The Open Source Robotics Foundation (OSRF) Is Booting Up - "development, distribution, & adoption of OSS for robotics"

#ACTA: La Quadrature's voting recommendations to LIBE, ITRE and JURI committees - telling them as it is

Next steps on #NetNeutrality - "20% apply restrictions such as to limit P2P volumes at peak times" (v @MarietjeD66)

How Obama changed definition of ‘civilian’ in secret drone wars - could we have that Nobel Peace Prize back, please?

Google wants greater French acceptance after winning TF1 copyright case - important win #copyright

Ref: #Arduino based wearable pet - go on, you know you want one

Open-Source-Initiativen Open-Source-Initiativen in Spanien - government wants everything #opensource

Spain's Basque Country's administration to share all its software - more details #opensource

#Acta : Michel Barnier veut faire "sauter les verrous" - just unbelievable replies (v @gchampeau @guerricp)

EU Parliament Advises No Patent On Conventional Breeding - welcome news #patents

Next step in the #ChromeOS journey - #chromebooks good enough yet to take off? I remain sceptical

The US President's Hit List or "Death by PowerPoint" - "path of least resistance to an automated totalitarianism": eeek

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