Wednesday, 16 May 2012


Harvard And MIT Back #OpenEducation With $60 Million Online Learning Project - lotsa dosh

Finnish court rules open WiFi network owner not liable for infringement - sensible judgment #fi

Hillcrest Labs open sources Kylo TV browser - whatever it is, that's good

La #Hadopi a rencontré les équipes de François Hollande - "L'arrêt de la riposte graduée ne sera pas immédiat"

They're Not 'Orphan Works', They're 'Hostage Works' - words matter #copyright

How Microsoft Fought True #OpenStandards V - what we can learn from #VLC's bilion downloads #frand

#Baidu Cloud smartphone unveiled - interesting move: based on #Linux kernel, compatible with #android apps #china

The new Reset #Firefox feature is like magic - intresting approach (v @nitot)

UK ISPs Are Already Planning To Offer Porn Filters -- So Who Needs New Legislation? - UK gov please note #censorship

"plague of super weeds taking over U.S. farmland" - thanks, #monsanto (v @EDarier @michaelpollan @Beautyon_)#gm

EU box office inches to record high in 2011 - #piracy is really killing #cinema there, no? (v @remixtures)

#Mozilla Leaves Out #Linux For Initial Web App Support - oh, really? so maybe it's time I switched to #Chrome...

Issa Releases #TPP Intellectual Property Rights Chapter on - good for him (v @EFF)

Who Needs #SOPA When Courts Will Pretend SOPA Already Exists? - if it quacks like a sopa...

Admitted file-swapper begs Supreme Court for help - er, bold

The Enforcement Agenda and the Institutionalization of Enforcement Theater in #ACTA - nice analysis

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