Sunday, 6 May 2012


Right-wing communication skills on display - does #microsoft really want to be associated with this?

Government execs ditch BlackBerry for #iPhone and #Android - that's v bad news for #RIM...

Discussione pubblica Agenda Digitale - do join in #italy

Leading US official rules out renegotiation of Korea-U.S. free trade agreement - it's a straitjacket, remember

#India Orders Blackout of Vimeo, The Pirate Bay and More - yet more #censorship

Yahoo: Facebook's Open Compute Project also violates our patents - #yahoo wants to be hated by #opensource world

Deep Packet Inspection - up in Canada and UK... - v bad news #dpi #surveillance

Judge Claims That Google Lost Big Money on Android in 2010 - interesting

Parsing the Willetts Speech on Access to UK Research Outputs - excellent analysis #openaccess

30% of UK File-Sharers Intend To Pirate More In The Next 12 Months - but people also paying for stuff

BBC Online Briefing Spring 2012: The #Participation Choice - active, not passive (v @mikebutcher @marklittlenews)

How OpenStreetMap Got Apple To Give It Due Credit - #apple being naughty #osm

The death of genre - important piece about the future of science fiction, ebooks, and reading

Group pulls plug on billboard linking global warming believers to terrorists - didn't take long (v @wendycockcroft)

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