Friday, 11 May 2012


South #Korea Still Paying The Price For Embracing Internet Explorer A Decade Ago - [RT from last night] #openstandards

Language Immersion for Chrome - this is a clever way of providing practice when learning a language (v @sjvn)

Reaping gold through cotton, and newsprint - fascinating story of #'monsanto's lobbying in #india (v @kuks)

Why Patent Injunctions Are Even Worse For #OpenSource - no surprise there

Vote par Internet : la démocratie dans les mains d'un seul informaticien - this will end in tears #evoting

Microsoft bans Firefox on ARM-based Windows, Mozilla says - really, #microsoft? you want to go there again? #antitrust

Congratulations On First Elections, Greek Pirate Party - fertile ground, I would have thought #gr

#Kopimism: File-Sharing Religion Takes Root in the U.S. - I trust it will be given the privileges other religions enjoy

Now It's Switzerland's Turn To Call #ACTA Into Question - will the US be the last one to bail?

New Brazilian Portal, made by citizens - doubly nice #opendata #br

Move Over Harvard And MIT, Stanford Has The Real “Revolution In Education” - interesting

Court Forbids Linking to Pirate Bay Proxies - they really love their #censorship, don't they? #nl

OpenDNS releases free Windows tool to encrypt DNS requests - this will increasingly handy (v @AdV007)

CE & FBI Hatch Ingenious Plan To Make DVD Piracy Warnings Longer - ha! nicely done

Netz-Sperren in Schulen: NRW zensiert Piratenpartei - this is where Web blocks lead: overblocking #censorship

Consultation on the Draft Legal Deposit Libraries (non-print works) Regulations 2013 - deadline 18/5 (v +Alan Cox) #uk

Stop UK Government Snooping - pleas sign and RT #epetition #surveillance

#Monsanto's Deep Roots In Washington - no surprise alas (v @kaatje36 @vBelz)#lobbying

Open content licensing for educators - free online workshop designed for educators & students #paris (v @clarinette02)

Kirk Responds to #TPP #Transparency Demands - this is a good response to his non-response

Three Days Before Elections, Largest German State Censors Pirate Party From The Net - says it all

Saylor Foundation expands $20,000 Open Textbook Challenge - nice move

Power to the people: PublikDemand helps disgruntled consumers form pacts against big firms - great idea

Chile Threatens to Pull out of TPP because of US IP demands - another hint #tpp has problems

Unknown language found stamped in ancient clay tablet - oooh, exciting #linguistics

US judge finds that IP addresses cannot be used to identify infringers - important point

The Trouble With #ACTA: My Analysis of the Anti-Counterfeiting Trade Agreement - a golden oldie from @mgeist

New Hampshire to adopt #opensource software and #opendata formats – great news

TPP Deep Dive: Skewing Lawsuits in Favor of Copyright Plaintiffs – don't miss: why #TPP is truly appalling

If You Meet a Censor, Ask Them This One Question - really great point #censorship

The Trouble With #Acta: An Analysis Of #ACTA by @mgeist[pdf] - detailed analysis, lots of links; worth reading

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