Monday, 14 May 2012


Sea-Sheperd-Gründer in Frankfurt festgenommen - #costarica trying to hide its massacre of sharks

Reform of the Common Fisheries Policy: Public debate and secret negotiations - shameful lack of #transparency #eu

ROSA Marathon 2012 - russian distro aimed at business #gnu #linux #ru

What blog platform do the best bloggers in the world use? - #opensource continues to make gains #wordpress

#Adobe backs down, will secure last generation of apps - too right #cheek

Inside the Georgia State Opinion - excellent detailed analysis of important fair use judgement #copyright

Intellectual Property, Innovation and Growth (#TPP presentation) - lots of good links showing little correlation

The world’s hottest digital markets: a #music map - interesting: UK most competitive in world

Why Are People Resigning Before The #Copyright Industries’ Will? - excellent question

'Drafters of laws and amendments should use tools based on #openstandards' - says EU study

#ACTA sees official referral to ECJ over rights - amzing it's taken this long

Mobile Internet #censorship: what's happening and what to do - also as a warning of things to come #ccdp

Before and After #SOPA - slides from my presentation at Reykjavík Digital Freedoms Conference #ACTA #TPP

What If Music Is Neither Instinct nor Invention? - "#music is fictional story of someone moving evocatively" (v @BoraZ)

Musicians Realizing They Don't Need Major Labels Anymore - #kickstarter kicks them where it hurts

Erweitertes Streckennetz: Eurostar fährt künftig nach Frankfurt am Main - ooh, can't wait

Committee to look at #Microsoft competition allegations - did MS really not think about this? #mozilla #antitrust

The problem with nerd #politics - important points (v @Glinner @fabiochiusi)

The Dangerous Meme That Won't Go Away: Using #Copyright Assignments to Suppress Unwanted Content - what a mess

Stephen Walter’s Map Of Subterranean #London - looks fab

#TPP and a Very Basic Point About #Transparency - crucial issue

Solar Has Its MITS Moment - let's hope

Microsoft-Funded BitTorrent Disruptor Won't Make Pirates Pay, But Might Break The Law - this is a cyberattack, no?

#Dell apologises for sexist comments at Danish meeting - "inappropriate & insensitive remarks" (v +Christine Paluch)

NVIDIA teams up with Intellectual Ventures to buy 500 wireless #patents - you can bet that will drive #innovation #iv

A fatal lack of accountability - another kind of #transparency that we desperately need #journalism

Urheberrechts-Kampagne: #Anonymous veröffentlicht Künstler-Adressen - come on, people, this is not helping

Stop the Trans-Pacific Partnership - more people notice #TPP (v @PCGTW)#transparency

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