Thursday, 24 May 2012


it has to be said, the Google doodle is extremely impressive today...

FBI quietly forms secretive Net-surveillance unit - not so secret now...

Open Garden lets mobile users cultivate a crowdsourced #mesh network - now that's a cool idea

Zimbabwean senator proposes ending AIDS crisis by mutilating women and preventing them from bathing - riiight

Waiter! There's a Shark Fin in my Soup! - shame on everyone involved here #conservation #china

As UK Government Considers Opt-Out Porn #Censorship, Report Already Finds Overblocking On Mobile Networks - not good

surprise: turns out that old finger-licker himself,@kfc_colonel is ripping out rainforests - #kfcnogood

What #Filesharing Studies Really Say – Conclusions and Links - important list to cut out & keep #piracy

#Monopoly madness - it's everywhere...

Anti-#ACTA #Japan - great to see (v @StopActaNow)

Opening Up About the #OpenData Institute - exciting, ambitious stuff; in London, too. but can they deliver? #odi

Why Access2Research Matters For Patients - good analysis (v @wilbanks)#openaccess

Trees linked to less crime, research finds - wow, really? (v @leashless)

YouTube Uploads Hit 72 Hours A Minute: How Can That Ever Be Pre-Screened For 'Objectionable' Material? - eh?

Globale Piraterie-Studie: Zahlen und Schlussfolgerungen der Software-Industrie leider nicht ernst zu nehmen - #BSA

Oracle v. Google Trial - Jury: No Patent Infringement - I'm confused: weren't we told this would destroy #android...?

You’re Only Making Things Worse For Yourself (And Us Too), Media Industries (Part II) - more wise words #copyright

Wyden To Obama: Hollywood Shouldn't Know More About #TPP Than Congress - too right

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