Tuesday, 29 May 2012


Graham Linehan: Twitter has made me - http://bit.ly/LwD15w "These people aren't pirates, they're fans": bravo

MegaUpload : et le FBI sort la carte de la pédopornographie -http://bit.ly/K2Jx8M well, that was bound to happen

The Novell v. Microsoft Antitrust Trial Transcripts - http://bit.ly/MUllTX a little light reading

Claire Perry: a new breed of iron lady - http://bit.ly/LuZh3i ex-banker, bigot & clueless about technology: just what we need

LG’s 5-Inch 1080p Display Could Send the Retina Home Crying -http://on.mash.to/LWLjJP wow, this is getting insane

Stopping #ACTA: ITRE Committee - http://bit.ly/LX4dAj here's what they are getting from me: what about you? #stopacta #eu

Stop software patents now - http://bit.ly/LvgOaW another reminder of this important EU meeting #swpats

Open Goldberg Variations: free, #opensource recording & modern score of classical masterpiece - http://bit.ly/Kzd7jA by JS Bach, #hacker

Extraterritorial privatized enforcement will harm European companies and citizens - http://bit.ly/KWtLIh yup #ACTA

Why #OpenData isn’t enough - http://bit.ly/JIoLat provocative stuff

Reporting 'over-blocking' to mobile operators - http://bit.ly/MTrBhp what to do in the #UK #censorship

ah, now this is the true #olympic spirit - http://bit.ly/KyKh2u (may contain nuts)#london2012 (v @ralpost @PaulBaldovin)

China Daily: Human Rights Record of United States in 2011 -http://bit.ly/KXpM2b certainly v thorough (v @jackschofield)

Apple Rejects Apps Integrating Micro-Payments Service Flattr -http://tcrn.ch/LCgy6p an apple never changes its spots...

INPI não dará patentes para software no Brasil, diz diretor do instituto -http://bit.ly/Jx3MuA looks like old CII trick #swpats #br

EU fishing reforms face weakening - http://bbc.in/LCkSmi why is the fishing industry full of such stupid, greedy people? (v @LifeinSicily)

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