Monday, 14 May 2012


Dresscode - Blue and Male - oh #Dell, let me count the ways you are so full of #fail (v +Christine Paluch) #sexism

The #TPP’s Myopic Focus on Enforcement Will Cause Collateral Damage - deranged policy-making, only possible in secret

Observations from Stakeholder Tabling Session at Dallas #TPP Round - every little bit of info helps

#Google Talks About Its #Ubuntu Experience - interesting info

Live from the Trenches Part 2: #TPP Stakeholder Event - and another perspective

#Thailand signs $32.8m deal to begin largest educational tablet rollout to date - #android based

Musing lazily about the Digital Divide - "Maybe #Africa will leapfrog everyone else"

Motorman: Britain’s other massive press scandal - can't wait for this one to break...

The GSU decision — not an easy road for anyone - crucial new #copyright ruling on #fairuse (v @petersuber)

#Syngenta Celebrates Earth Day by Ladling on the Pesticides - odd US still allows endocrine disruptors (v @schestowitz)

#TPP Party ends badly for U.S. trade reps, federal agents - or they could just provide transparency (v @StopActaNow)

Forrester: Hire sw developers who take part in #opensource projects - "keeping their skills current" (v @schestowitz)

Microsoft Funded Startup Aims to Kill BitTorrent Traffic - from the exactly-wrong department

German Pirate Party scores fourth consecutive win! - this is getting seriously impressive - with big repercussions #de

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