Sunday, 20 May 2012


London Police To Extract Data From Suspects' Mobile Phones -- And Keep It Even If No Charges Are Brought - must stop

One Area Where #China Should Definitely Stop Ripping Off The West: Copyright Law - but the signs are not good

Hey ITU Member States: No More Secrecy, Release the Treaty proposals - bad stuff that needs fighting (v @jrodwyer)

What I think is wrong with #VRM - interesting points; so what's the answer?

Obama's 'Poverty-Relieving' Plan for Africa a Profit Boon for Giant Agribusiness - surprise! not... (v @kaatje36)

The Oracle v. Google Trial Exhibits - Can You Help List Them? ~pj - help neede for important stuff

China Feeds Extra Fish to Finless Porpoises to Save Them from Starvation - cool; hope it's not too late (v @BoraZ)

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