Sunday, 13 May 2012


Digital Shoreditch Festival 2012 - "celebrating the outstanding creative, technical & entrepreneurial talent" #london

job: #EFF International Intellectual Property Director - I think they mean Intellectual Monopoly, but there you go

Threat to EU #transparency grows as trilogues begin on access to EU documents - this is not acceptable

Dutch Judge Who Ordered Pirate Bay Links Censored Found Corrupt - really? is this justice?

"Der Frust war zu groß" - another boost for the Pirates, another slap for the Greens #de

Live from the Trenches: #TPP Negotiations in #Dallas - useful update on what is - & isn't – happening

#Verizon refused to help police locate unconscious man unless they paid his phone bill - how nice

#Copyright and the #TPP: The Big Picture - good explanation of what's going on here

GOTCHA! - hmm, so what do you say to that, Mr Cameron? (v @piawaugh @tom_watson @RenegadeEcon)#murdoch

Ich bin Urheber - "Ich sehe eine noch nie dagewesene Vielfalt an Medien, Autoren und Künstlern." fab (v @netzpolitik)

Why politicians don’t get the internet - nicely done (v @tom_watson)

#TPP: Police Remove Activists from International Trade Party for Staging Fake Award Ceremony - fab

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