Thursday, 17 May 2012


The real reason NHS Risk Register is a State secret? - good analysis of bad move #foi

Innovation & Access to Medicines for Neglected Populations: Could Treaty Address a Broken Pharmaceutical R&D System? -

Meskhetians Struggle to Find Place in #Georgia - sad legacy of Uncle Joe's insanity

IP-Address Can’t Even Identify a State, BitTorrent Judge Rules - nice one

#ACTA and Fundamental Rights - live stream of European Parliament committee meeting

also worth noting that #ACTA does not protect basic civil liberties - Amnesty International explains why:

regarding #ACTA,@jerezim says "Creation has never been so vibrant as it is today" he's right:

My Galaxies — write in starlight! - now you can galaxify messages: like this - #galaxyzoo

#ACTA does constrain future EU laws: it is the whole point of ACTA - it's part of enforcement ratchet that only allows more harsh law

Epic time-lapse map of #Europe - oh, it is, rather (v @JackofKent @dlknowles)#history

#ACTA Update XVI - why ACTA's "country club" approach will backfire with #china

Lacking support from other administrations, Freiburg ends use of #opensource office - regrettable

The #Apache Software Foundation Announces Unprecedented Growth During First Quarter of 2012 - impressive numbers

I can no longer work for a system that puts profit over access to research - bravo #openaccess (v @petersuber)

USTR Gone Rogue - "The only way to fix this mess is for the #USTR to become completely transparent." #TPP

Economist: #Copyright Is An Antiquated Relic That Has No Place In The Digital Age - great analysis

Android over 50% of smartphone sales as Nokia and RIM feel strain - exciting times

Video: Timeless – #London Timelapse - "beautifully shot film that combines timelapse photography, tilt / shift"; lovely

The Rise of Europe's Private Internet Police - good summary of big threat, especially from #ACTA

COMMUNIA explores role of digital public domain in final report - time to defend and extend the #publicdomain

Law Professors Ask Senate to Take Up ACTA, Challenging #ACTA Constitutionality (Again) - come on, US, #fightACTA

Analysis of proposed changes to the EU #PSI Directive - excellent review of important area #openstandards #opendata

Publishing America's for-pay, private laws - legal piracy - shocking stuff; standards must be openly available

.Pirate Domains Now Available Through OpenNic - is this big or irrelevant?

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