Thursday, 20 September 2012


Moody's Microblog Daily Digest 120918 - yesterday's tweets as a single Web page #MMDD

[RT] #Rackspace sued for hosting #GitHub - this looks pretty evil (v @dozykraut)#swpats

#India And #Kyrgyzstan Ramp Up Internet Monitoring And Censorship Efforts - and so it goes on

Meet the World’s First Gesture Control TV Box - potatoes will love it. runs #android

Newspaper Ad Revenue Fell Off Quite A Cliff: Now On Par With 1950 Revenue - not recent, but longstanding problem

Patent Trolls: Make Them Pay! - #rackspace blog on#swpats lawsuit (v @opensourcerer)

Oui, les OGM sont des poisons! - new French research in "Food and Chemical Toxicology" journal (v Charles-H. Schulz)

The #EU unlocking a goldmine of #opendata - waxes lyrical, quite rightly

The Perils of #SmartMetering - another UK IT disaster in the making 

"Für Künstler seien nicht Tauschbörsen im Internet das Problem, sondern ein brutaler Markt" - (v @netzpolitik)

Pocahontas Star Arrested for filming with phone at #TPP Talks - kudos (v @PostActa)

Copyright crease on new Swedish banknotes - whoops (v @ThAOSteen)

Piratenpartei verärgert Entwickler von Liquid Feedback - unhappy bunnies #de

#Brazil: Internet Bill of Rights Vote Postponed Again - let's not make this a habit, people (v @rmack)

#OpenStack gets real - well, the foundation bit does

Agent Orange chemical in GM war on resistant weeds - Orange? what could possibly go wrong...?

Kreativität braucht kein #Copyright - useful summary to share around (see what I did there?) (v @jwildeboer)

Why Computer Companies Should Copy The #Fashion Industry - worth a try

#Genivi Alliance setzt komplett auf #OpenSource - big market, potentially important move

[After #Germany,] #Sweden warns against using Internet Explorer - word is out (v @AmyStephen @tsvenson)

Internet Activa: Derechos digitales y libertades civiles en la red - good news for #colombia (v @beabusaniche)

#Demotic Dictionary Completed - free online use; also, NB free PDF download of Demotic grammar -

CIRA Election Opens Today: I Need Your Support to Help Bring the Public Interest Back to CIRA - pl. help if it applies

Kollateralschäden durch eine falsche Urheberrechtsgesetzgebung - collateral damage indeed #copyright

Study linking GM crops and cancer questioned - as it should be: independent confirmation always needed

Collective Rights Management — Request For Comments - your digital pencils

Click and Drag - just gobsmacking #genius #xkcd

French Court Detaches Itself From Reality, Demands Tabloid Turn Over 'Original' Topless Photos - important general pt.

Old Lady Ruins Fresco, Claims #Copyright, Demands Money - as one does #es

Congress launches in beta, doesn’t open the data - bit of a fundamental omission, no? #opendata

Senate committee unanimously voted today to oppose UN control of the Internet - that's good

Whoa! Amanda Palmer reverses course, pays crowdsourced musicians - interesting

Oyster Genome Pries Open Mollusk Evolutionary Shell - genomic facts (v +Bora Zivkovic)

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