Sunday, 23 September 2012


Moody's Microblog Daily Digest 120910 - Friday's tweets as a single Web page #MMDD 

.@ButKlaasen @HereticRepublic well, the document says the items have "a high degree of consensus" - means they've already been discussed

.@ButKlaasen @HereticRepublic maybe those involved should read this academic paper on costs of counterterrorism (pdf) -

Calculating the Costs of the Counterterrorism Delusion (pdf) - good, rigorous academic paper re

Save the Canadian National Archives - this is like throwing away a nation's memories #ca

Advocacy groups decry Freiburg's stealth return to proprietary office - strange how they're afraid to do it publicly

“Demand carbon dioxide data” says Hans Rosling to #opendata advocates at#OKFestival - wish I could have gone

Privacy movement finds strength in crypto night - great how#cryptoparty idea has taken off (v @Asher_Wolf)

Immigration Issues - my, #america certainly knows how to welcome people these days... (v @ekrubnivek @ralpost)

Chemist Jailed In Russia For Giving Expert Opinion In Court - this looks appalling; shame on #russia 

Notes on USTR Hearing on the Entry of Mexico into the #TPP Negotiations - useful report

"Pink Slime" Company Brings Defamation Suit Against Media, Scientists and Whistleblowers - truth hurts

Apple demands $707 million in additional damages from Samsung - greedy, vindictive much?

#ITC: How an obscure bureaucracy makes the world safe for #patenttrolls - good piece

FBI renews broad Internet #surveillance push - not j ust happening in #EU 

Why Activism Is Necessary, But Isn’t Enough To Save Net Liberty - interesting points #politics

Spanish region of Extremadura confirms commitment to open source - well, that's a relief (v +Răzvan Sandu )

Amazon search results in the Dash - #sabdfl explains...#ubuntu

Ancient #afghan site needs saving not destroying - deep greed from #china again, deep stupidity from #worldbank (again)

Senate passes bill to shield US airlines from EU carbon-emissions law - that's OK, just don't let them land in the EU

#Mozilla Firefox Turns 10 - yay - let's hear if for Phoenix, er, Firebird, er, Firefox...

"Da hab ich an 'nem Sonntag was Besseres zu tun" - party fun continues #de

The Swiss Pirate Party has its First Mayor - nice (v @limbclock @slashdot)#ch

EU telcos defend UN Internet takeover plans - very unsuccessfully... #netneutrality #wcit

Guitar maker sues Web-based t-shirt vendor for shirts reading "born to rock" - more trademark idiocy

Ehemalige Piraten-Geschäftsführerin: Weisband will E-Book ohne Kopierschutz veröffentlichen - more like it

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