Thursday, 13 September 2012


Moody's Microblog Daily Digest 120911 - yesterday's tweets as a single Web page #MMDD

Chinese reporter goes undercover at #Foxconn on ‘#iPhone 5′ production line - still sounds pretty grim

File-sharer will take RIAA case to Supreme Court - you have to admire her indomitability...

Es ist 1996 heute bei der Europäischen Normung - a defeat sadly: includes #FRAND

Noted smut rag The New Yorker banned from #Facebook for obscene cartoon - oh, come on...

"Six strikes" Internet warning system will come to US this year - misguided and pointless

#OpenStreetMap Change to ODbL imminent - important shift for #OSM #licensing

#Chile Leads The Way On Intermediary Liability Protections - let's hope the #europeancommission takes note...#takedown

FLOSS for Science Interviews Books - unusual, welcome project

This tool lets you root any HTC #Android device - looks handy

John Peel Show, 457 tracks on SoundCloud - interesting (v @Glinner @andyzax)

Prescriptions for Merck's Singulair plunge - "within four weeks of the August introduction of competing generic copies"

Open Data Institute appoints digital visionary and leading #opendata developer to top jobs - great news (v @JamieXML)

UK Draft Communications Data bill comments - massively negative from every angle, well done everyone #snooping

Google: 500 Million Android Devices Activated Globally - how long before the billion?

New Members of the Open Knowledge Foundation Board: Jane Silber and Gavin Starks - good timing...

Author Threatens To Sue Book Reviewers Over Trademark Infringement - yes, just what trademarks are meant to be used for

#mySociety is people interested in creating Hansards at the local level - this. is. brilliant. #transparency

Ana de Hollanda sai do Ministério da Cultura - wow; let's hope her successor does a better job (v @beabusaniche)#br

#iitrial — #Australia’s first twitter hashtag to go from trial to the High Court? - useful info on what happened

Intel Confirms Freefall of Server Giants HP, Dell, & IBM -"Google is world’s 5th largest server maker" (v @stshank)

Europeana releases 20 million records into the public domain using #CC0 - this is how to do it – kudos

Scientists, Foundations, Libraries, Universities, and Advocates Unite and Issue New Recommendations for #OpenAccess -

Afghanistan bans YouTube over Prophet Mohammad video that led to the murder of a US ambassador - 

Meet the #RaspberryPi Supercomputer--with Lego! - 64 cards, 1TB of storage – nice

Was Police National Computer misused to impugn reps of Hillsborough dead? - think what they'll do with our Net records

Ignite Cleanweb - "what’s happening with sustainability and the web in the UK."

Apple's iPhone launches no longer excite - good analysis by Dan Lyons (v @gchampeau)

What a Wonderful Piece of Work is #Opus - important work; can't wait for the video #openstandards #mozilla #patents

Don't Focus On Why People Pirate; Focus On Why They Don't Buy - it's so simple: why don't they get it?

Oral Literature In #Africa - first free #ebook from crowdfunding platform: looks absolutely fab – kudos

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