Tuesday, 11 September 2012


Moody's Microblog Daily Digest 120909 - http://bit.ly/P3HXTp yesterday's tweets as a single Web page #MMDD

Olympic Architecture - http://bit.ly/Nk38Tb lots of #opensource #london2012

Open Notebook Science as a science blog - http://bit.ly/Qem3fT in praise of#opennotebookscience and #blogs (v @phylogenomics)

Sun-Powered Oven Makes Salt Water Drinkable - http://bit.ly/PVFklX open hardware, too (v @mpesce @Colvinius)

Can we make accountable research software? - http://bit.ly/TB4U4Z the next big battle after #openaccess (v @hadleybeeman @psychemedia)

#China in #Africa: The Real Story - http://bit.ly/THREdi fascinating and important stuff (v @asteris)

Fighting Software Patents in the Unitary Patent Again - http://bit.ly/QezFb2 time to write to #JURI #swpats #eu

#AdaLovelace Day Fundraiser - http://bit.ly/RCO8ff "to create organisation that provides help & support to women in STEM all year round."

#China's #Alibaba to pass# Amazon, #eBay in transaction value -http://reut.rs/U4mGJH wow

Parents have responsibility for stopping their children looking at internet pornography says Maria Miller - http://ind.pn/PaBJj0 (v @coadec)

U.S. judge: HTC patents likely valid in Apple suit - http://cnet.co/TIwlbs those that live by the patented sword, die by the patented sword

Several Loud Cracks in an Almaty Bazaar - http://bit.ly/Qz5TQf great piece on the #uyghurs & why #china's oppression of them is a mistake

Orphans left out in cold: final vote on weak Directive - http://bit.ly/QBWunDdisgraceful: shame on the MEPs responsible #orphanworks

#Ubuntu Reaches 220,000 PCs in Schools in #Spain - http://bit.ly/TIAkosimpressive #education

Scottish fish farmers use record amounts of parasite pesticides -http://bit.ly/RNL2tj so that lice become even more resistant </facepalm>

#Copyright and innovation in the Creative Industries - http://bit.ly/QePdvj@NeelieKroesEU speech: "the legal framework has to respond"

Boycott of publisher Elsevier gathers pace - http://bit.ly/OlmY1L reminder this still not resolved (v @Copycense @CampusCopyright)#oa

[RT] Moody's Microblog Daily Digest 120909 - http://bit.ly/P3HXTp yesterday's tweets as a single Web page #MMDD

Mural.ly Opens Its Web-Based Creative Collaboration Platform To The Public -http://tcrn.ch/Qzpks7 another clever startup impossible in #EU

Alibaba's Aliyun OS hopes to be '#Android of #China' - http://zd.net/SxD4r1maybe a worry for #google, certainly a win for #linux (again)

Unitary Patent proposals by European Commission - http://bit.ly/Nky59T Open Source Consortium submission on why it's bad for #opensource

Netzpolitik-Konferenz-Marathon in #Berlin - http://bit.ly/QCCcdB warning: may include nuts like me... #nfa12 #acta #copyright

Critics concerned trade agreement will include SOPA language -http://bit.ly/TJdzAP good to see more people waking up to #TPP (v @PCGTW)

My open source cure - http://bit.ly/O8wks9 why closed data formats can kill

Public Knowledge Analysis of #Copyright in the #TPP - http://bit.ly/PWEW6ulinks to useful background documents (v @jgriffinpk)

#OpenStreetMap: Four Years of Edits 2008-2011 - http://bit.ly/RO5eeJ beautiful video: what an amazing open project #OSM

Nigeria's shoppers rival Russia and the Middle East for West End spending -http://bit.ly/NWfEd6 amazing: here's something I missed

Coalición pro-#ACTA en México pide multas de casi un millón de dólares por descargas - http://bit.ly/Q9E01J insane (v @PostActa @alt1040)

Want To Shake Down Cloud Music & Video Providers? Patent For Sale! -http://bit.ly/Om55jt yeah, that's how patents are supposed to work

#Copyright Exceptions in the #TPP - http://bit.ly/QfBC7d another important area where the #US is behaving badly (and #AU)

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