Friday, 7 September 2012


Moody's Microblog Daily Digest 120906 - yesterday's tweets as a single Web page #MMDD

“Erstaunliche Revolte” – Glyn Moody zur Ablehnung von #ACTA - some quick thoughts (v @bjoerngrau)

Growing stuff (vegies, open source projects, communities…) - a natural conjugation (v @Skud)

[RT] Jimmy Wales Threatens To Stymie UK Snooping Plans By Encrypting Wikipedia Connections - nice move

Trade deal to curb generic-drug use - that would be #TPP. great final quote.

EU study sparks regulation debate over ‘high-risk’ shale gas - that's good, I think #fracking

PVR-as-a-service switched off for good - gotta kill that innovation #copyright

Does The Idea Of #OpenSource Planes Really Fly? - lovely theory

#Amazon's Kindle Fire HD will give #Apple's iPad fits - tabs just got a big boost

#India begins issuing summons to Web users accused of “inflammatory” content - joins overreacting club of governments

Pippi reveals that #CETA is counterfeit #ACTA - through word-by-word comparison (v @PostActa)

Open Knowledge Festival 2012, Helsinki - only a few tickets left, apparently... #okf #fi

Kenyan government moves to #opensource - great, important move (v @harishpillay @danie10)#ke

#TPP Must Not Trade Away Free Speech and Health - to see #amnestyinternational on the case now 

Google blacklists websites run by family of Grant Shapps -! #copyright #uk

Has The German Pirate Party Lost Its Way? - let's hope not... #de

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