Friday, 14 September 2012


Moody's Microblog Daily Digest 120912 - yesterday's tweets as a single Web page #MMDD

4 Days to Stop the Corporate Death Star - #avaaz wakes up to #TPP threat

Outlaw possession of written accounts of child abuse says MP - great: more censorship, more function creep

Caves of Nottingham - these are amazing (v @boingboing)

House Approves Rep. Lamar Smith's Bill To Keep Spying On Americans - shouldn't USians be somewhat concerned about this?

A complete transcription and translation of Linlin's Hybrid Chinese-English monologue - facinating

The New Kremlinology: Decoding The Signals Of Future #EU #CopyrightEnforcement Moves - who moved my chair?

Double blow to GM crops in India - detailed analysis

#OpenData Emerges as a Global Movement - good roundup with lots of links

Streit über Transparenz: Kieler Landtag verbündet sich gegen Piraten - dinosaurs hate sunshine, it seems

#TPP nations put off decision / Delay in trade agreement seen as beneficial to Japan - TPP delayed yet again

‘We have lost our moral indignation at #torture’ - not ordinary people, just most politicians... #us #uk

Google VP says Apple v Samsung verdict was a "wake-up call" - "We didn't believe 'rounded corners' were patentable"

Google Launches Open Course Builder - open source open course

How Start-Up #Chile Is Attracting Startups From Singapore, London, and San Francisco - shrewd moves

Dutch Pirate Party Fails to Enter Parliament - has this been confirmed yet? #nl

NHS eye hospital embiggens in-house #opensource system - great to see some vertical apps emerging

University of California sues Facebook, Disney & Wal-Mart over interactive technology patents - oh look, #eolas is back

Prince William urged not to visit Borneo over deforestation row - more transparency needed #MusaAman #deforestation

#OpenData Institute Gets Ready to Open Its Doors - stuff #uk

Climate bombs called HFCs - more corporate greed & stupidity #lobbying

Dominant Telcos Try to End #NetNeutrality Through ITU - is absence of regulations, creating a level playingfield

The Balance Between #OpenData and #Privacy - important issues that need addressing (v @williamheath)

'Amnesia' Is Selling So Well, The Developers Have Forgotten All About Piracy - great case study

Vagina by Naomi Wolf covered up by Apple iTunes -</insert withering comment here>

BotQueue: Open Distributed Manufacturing - "online platform 4 distributing print jobs to multiple 3D printers"; clever

First #HADOPI Victim Convicted, Not For His Own Infringement, But Because His Wife Downloaded Songs - is that it?

Clara Schumann: Complete Works on #Spotify - the real star in the schumann family...

Managing Expectations II: #OpenData, Technology and Government 2.0 – What Should We, And Should We Not Expect - true

Hadopi s’enfonce dans le ridicule - #hadopi's first decision rightly hammered in the french press (v @gchampeau)

Hollywood Lobbyist Hasn't Seen #TPP Text, Cannot Read The TPP Text, But Knows What's In The TPP Text? - sounds legit

Apple Scores a Knockdown in German Round of Patent Fight With Motorola - come off it, it's a trivial feature

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