Sunday, 2 September 2012


Moody's Microblog Daily Digest 120831 - yesterday's tweets as a single Web page

Piracy Is A Cultural Opportunity; Embrace It - not a threat, but a possibility

Brazil asks #Venezuela to investigate village massacre claims - awful, if confirmed #mining

"The negotiating text for the #TPP wants to be free. Someone just needs to release it." - rewards stands at $23885

Russia's New Secure Android Tablet Keeps Data From Google - the joy of #opensource

'#Eastwooding' meme sweeps across Twitter - and so it should

Think Tank Behind #SOPA Says USTR Should Make Sure #TPP Includes IP Maximalist Positions - unbelievable gall

Fact-checking politics: Why we need “open journalism” more than ever - yup

#Monsanto's point of no return - superb: "predatory business model tht is rapidly seizing control over our food supply"

How Twitter Uses Open Source - so that's Google, Facebook, Twitter...who doesn't run on #opensource?

Wiki Loves Monuments 2012 - "international photo contest around cultural heritage monuments" and #wikipedia

Bokhylla: Norwegen digitalisiert 250.000 Bücher - trying to undo damage caused by copyright's absurdly long term #no

Waste, Creativity and Godwin’s Corollary for Technology - riff on #abundance/#scarcity dichotomy

Luciano Berio: Complete Chronological Catalogue - composer

Pirate Party Pirate Bay Proxy Fights Back After DDoS Attack - I'd love to know who's behind these attacks...

There Are Now More Slaves Than at Any Point in Human History - what a failure for humanity (v @remixtures)#slavery

Cellphones AIDS tests studied in S.Africa, S.Korea - future of #medicine (v @Hamza_Africa @asteris)

powerful, harrowing pieces from @CameronConaway: Never to Be Sold Again -; Of Ships and Men -

Big Brother on a budget: How Internet #surveillance got so cheap - nicely detailed, but lacking in moral outrage

Wiki Loves Monuments for mobile is here! - cool #androidapp stuff to view and participate

HP, Dell and the paradox of the disrupted - a graphic that says it all #postpc

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