Thursday, 20 September 2012


Moody's Microblog Daily Digest 120919 - yesterday's tweets as a single Web page #MMDD

Blair's 'disastrous' wars to blame for secret courts, says Clarke - great; but still talking rubbish on new bill 

[RT] Old Lady Ruins Fresco, Claims #Copyright, Demands Money - as one does #es

a small update on Vivaldi - sorry to hear of the probs here#freesw #tablets

The disappearing web: Information decay is eating away our history - this is a huge, unacknowledged problem #memory

Overeager Patent Troll Can't Tell Github From Its Web Host - further background to this nuttiness #swpats

Will we 3D print renewable energy? - that would be good

Young Persons Called to Private Grand Jury for Owning Books - sounds pretty atrocious (v @jwildeboer Paul Rosen)

Corruption, corporate transparency, #opendata & business models: OKFest presentations - important stuff

Mandatory Data Retention Irreconcilable with Fundamental Human Rights - good discussion (v @Asher_Wolf)

Is One of Our #OpenSource Heroes Going Closed Source? - loses the plot (v @sinkdeep)#3dprinting

Analyst: Streaming music may already be hitting a ceiling - need "artwork, lyrics, band chats & other engagement": yup

Protect whales from dangerous seismic testing - selfishness & stupidity

#Mozilla's 2012 #London Festival officially announced - fun

#blasphemy laws in the #EU? - are you joking? is this what western civilisation has come to? (v @jmcest)

The Next Attack on #NetNeutrality - it's coming soon; here's their plan #qos

Book Publishers Latest War On Technology: How Dare You Share Your Kindle Highlights! - these people have a death wish

Trusting telcos with internet is like trusting fox with henhouse - good background piece re #netneutrality

If You Were A Tree... What Kind Of IP Protection Could You Get? - just in case you were wondering...

#EU cloud strategy leaked - hmm, no mention of#opensource#openstandards here... (v @benzevenbergen)

DRAFT Open Government Standards/Principles - looks decent enough; comments invited #ogov (v @openp2pdesign)

Microsoft Wins Sales Ban Against Google's Motorola in Germany - german judges are rubbish on #swpats

Why Fox Thinks That Skipping Commercials is Like Robbing a Bank - ha! nicely done #copyright #liability

This Is What's Wrong With The Music Industry: Musicians Have To Pay To Pay Themselves - this is a totally sick system

¿Qué dice (y qué omite) el informe sobre TPP de Secretaría de Economía al Senado mexicano? - quite (v @PostActa)

Stop fishing in the Atlantic and reap the rewards - sensible; let's do it

Reporting back: & the Virginia negotiations - useful summary #TPP (v @PostActa)

#TPP: A first-hand look at the secret international talks that could change the Internet  - the latest round

Climate-Related Disaster Coming Your Way? Your Insurance Could Bail - this, not science, will convince many in denial

MPAA & RIAA: If People Can Sell Foreign Purchased Content Without Paying Us Again, US Economy May Collapse - riiight

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