Friday, 7 September 2012


Moody's Microblog Daily Digest 120905 - yesterday's tweets as a single Web page #MMDD's web filth block plan: Last chance to speak your brains - also: why you can't fill it in online 

Pirate Bay Founder Arrest Followed By $59m Swedish Aid Package For Cambodia - gosh, what a coincidence...

Boldrin and Levine: The Case Against #Patents - likely to be important paper

‘Mounting Evidence’ Of Bug-Resistant Corn Seen By #EPA - #monsanto's business model begins to totter

Big data and DNA: What business can learn from junk genes - one thing: you can bet most was done with #opensource sw

#Android breaks 80% smartphone share in #China as Apple, Nokia pick up scraps - 83% to be precise; just wow

US Pressuring Nations Bilaterally on #TPP? - "US’s “absurd position” on IP is holding up negotiations"

#CIA faces new accusations of #torture - more details emerge

French anti-piracy agency #Hadopi only sued 14 people in 20 months - only cost a few million Euros to do that...

openPlanB: Open-Data-Aktivisten veröffentlichen Fahrplandaten des deutschen Fernverkehrs - under OdbL

Google’s Schmidt: 1.3M Android activations a day with 70k of those tablets, 480M devices total - tabs weak, others big

Thank you Government of #India for #Opendata site - good to see

Ex-Grüne: Unternehmerin Domscheit-Berg will für Piraten in den Bundestag - didn't take long

there's a rumour that #japan has passed #ACTA using various dirty tricks: anyone know more? any English-language posts on it? thanks

An open letter on Parental Controls consultation - "parents are the best people to decide what their children can see"

#ACTA Passes in #Japan, 9/9 Rally to be Held - hmm (v @FatStephen) cc @mmasnick 

#Turkey to ban Twitter and Facebook - good luck with that

The BBC iPlayer and their political fascination with Apple - piece on #BBC's iPhone snobbery (v @RobertAndrews)

[RT] Evidence That UK Needs Mandatory Porn Filters? Informal Survey Done At One School - pl. respond to consultation

Last chance to have your say on porn blocking - please use it... #uk #censorship (v @coadec)

Turkish minister denies rumors, promises no social media ban - keep calm, carry on (v @KCollierWrites)#tr #censorship

A Question of (Open) Standards - hot topic again/still #rf#frand #opensource

Honduras to build new city with own laws & tax system to attract investors - private army next? what could go wrong?

French publishers want share in revenues for re-use of their content - greed & stupidity knows no bounds #snippets #fr

Noda to avoid #TPP at APEC - he's clearly frightened of japanese farmers... #japan

Jimmy Wales Threatens To Stymie UK #Snooping Plans By Encrypting#Wikipedia Connections - nicely played 

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