Sunday, 30 September 2012


Moody's Microblog Daily Digest 120928 - yesterday's tweets as a single Web page #MMDD 

[RT] Guerillas on London Transport - many of these are utterly brilliant (v @Thayer @Rchards)#tube

US Copyright Office Seeking Comments On Resale Royalties For Visual Artists - 'cos world needs more monopolies

Bürgerdialog – Was fällt dem Netz für die Politik ein? - last chance to give your thoughts here

Joint statement from Wikimedia Foundation and Wikimedia UK - getting to grips with things #wikipedia

[RT] Why Everyone Should Care About #DRM's Punishment Of The Visually Impaired - this time, it's personal #copyright

#Crowdsourcing #Climate Science - "analyze past hurricane photos (over 300,000) in a series of controlled questions"

Court: Motorola can't enforce injunction against Microsoft - I look forward to german courts blocking US injunctions...

Do Bad Things Happen When Works Enter The Public Domain? The Data Says... No - yay for #PD

Government support of #opensource falls short - deal with those #swpats, please

Bündnis gegen Kinderpornografie im Internet: MOGiS erklärt Austritt aus White IT - now this is interesting

Are These The Drones We're Looking For? - the coming#opensource #drone revolution

One month to Droidcon London - a possible date for your diary #android

Hobbyists Embrace #OpenSource Concept For #Drones -'s doing it

Official complaint made re. inaccuracies in #Transparency Register - needs sorting

Nokia Looks Cheap As Asha Handsets Help Retain Emerging Markets Foothold - battling against #android here, too

Geheimes Gutachten zu Open Source auch in Freiburg - to hide, perchance? #opensource #transparency

ISPs and Tracking Company Ready to Start Six-Strikes Anti-Piracy Scheme - VPN cos. chortle with glee

The Flipside Of BitTorrent - Why Many Musicians Still Hate It - worth reading 

Business hires of former government employees as #lobbyists - truly appalling figures

Hi tech shock absorber legs for multicopeters - lovely#maker moment #drones

X-plane Developer Sued By Patent Troll; Ponders Shuttering Business Or Defending - patents promoting innovation again

Composer Thomas Adès: 'Wagner is a fungus' - fab composer; slightly odd interview...

Towards #Transparency - kudos: #stripe partners with#chillingeffects; others might like to follow (v @dozykraut) 

Kofi Annan: Tony #Blair could ultimately have stopped #Iraq war -  "What went wrong? What changed him?" 

#Chevron Targeting Private Email Accounts of 101 People Linked To #EcuadorEnvironmental Case - evil much? (v @rmack)

I inherited a da Vinci - lovely story... #art

Fukushima Reactor 4 poses massive global risk - great example of how corporate stupidity could harm us... (v @techsoc)

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